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The oh-la-la line

17 Mar


Inspired by everything and the necessity to embelish a plain ol headband, the oh-la-la line is made to be soft but daring…..feminine and powerfull. It is your go to piece when you want to make a statement. Can be attatched to a head band.or worn by itself. Let me know if you like it! More pieces coming soon based on request 🙂


Handmade- from metal to statements

15 Mar






These pieces started off as simple metal and now they have been transformed into statement pieces! Completely customizable! Let me know in comments if you’d like one, I can set up a shop for you, discount if you’re the first to post!


14 Mar


Check out these beauty!  Easy peasy lemon squeezy coasters for my grandma’s bday!

The Garage Sale- Handmade is to Craft like Organic is to Farming

7 Nov

We had the community Garage Sale today and it went off without a hitch.

David and the BF Vinh helped

The Garland Demo...comes in every color of the rainbow ❤

My absolute Favorite barrette

Isnt this cute?

The cutest and more awesome of the stuff we all made

First glass bead i made for the Boyfriend

The Garage sale

an Etsy website coming soon. The school is killing me right now, so i’m gonna be a little bit busy doing the research project, but let me know what you think of these cute little things!

It came in a form of a dream…

30 Jul

[image credit: http://www.eso-garden.com/index.php?/weblog/C37/]

Have you ever had a dream that was a prophesy in nature? I mean a real prophesy where there are all kinds of things going on…i don’t know, a werewolf who turns suddenly into your long lost uncle bob who died of schizophrenia just as he was at the height of his knowledge. Then this makes you think…..”are we suppose to learn that much?” “maybe schizophrenia isn’t a disease…its a control mechanism…”

oooohhh. Thought provoking isnt it? Then you think about all the suffering you’ve gone through….then maybe a vampire pops in somewhere in this dream and instead of turning into something beautiful/horrible like the guy who took my virginity, it turns into like..the werewolf..then BAMM! a plot twist occurs!

Was my uncle Bob a werewolf?!

no…he was too smart…

well maybe you havent had those kinda dreams, and neither have i. The only dream i had that was very otherworldly was one i never understood untill it came true.

i once dreamt that my grandma was walking through the streets in Cuba and she was coming from a market or somewhere that was normal for her to go to and come back from, then as she was walking by a house, she leaned in to acknowledge the garden, because it was quite beautiful , and as she did so i remember thinking in my dream “no.” because hidden in the garden was in fact a snake. A vicious one, and at once the snake bit her and my grandma died. i remember waking up every night after i had this dream [because it was repetitive] and i would go to my grandma’s room and nuzzle next to her. she should tell me it was OK, things were gonna fine. And one day, she died. She allegedly jumped in front of a train. I get it…the snake was the merciless snake. But scary, after that I’ve never had that dream or one like it again…and that is provably the part that scares me the most.

What This Society Lacks

26 Jul

Now this isn’t a political post, although it may have seemed to have started out that way in lieu of the title.

Yes it’s true that the American society lacks a lot of things, like maybe a nice and just legal system, but what I believe it lacks the most is the companionship that practically every other culture shares. Coming from Cuba myself, and having met quite a few friends from all over the world, I can honestly say that the American society is the only society set apart from all others. It isn’t due to only the fact that we here hog up most resources, but to the fact that this is seen as an individualist society, whereas everywhere else is more cultivistic. That is not to say that I hate this society or that I am less proud to be here because of it, it is just the fact that sometimes I get homesick because of it.

The other day I had the absolute pleasure of going to Starbucks with a friend and having a nice coffee break with her.  We were sitting by ourselves on a small round table with two seats that was just snug enough for us. We were seated here a mere table away from the next couple who was actually very close,the way this small Starbucks had the tables arranged. And as Americans….we enjoy nothing more than our personal space.

I must emphasize that in Cuba it is not like that, it is quite the opposite actually and that is something that has always been hard for me to understand and get used to. One can imagine that I have had a lot of faux pas in my past simply because I came too close to one’s personal space. Thankfully I now understand the norm better.

So there we were at Starbucks, waiting for our orders to be filled when this Lady comes in and sits down RIGHT next to us. The space is already limited and I must admit that at first I was very mad that she had taken THAT space.  I remember sitting there waiting for my friend to come back becaquse  she had just gotten up to grab something [seconds felt like minutes next to this stranger] and my mind was just FULL of prejudice and situational attributions! I would say stupid things like “yeah there goes another obese lady order Starbucks and a 1,000 calorie muffin that is going to join the tribillionbillion fat cells in her fat body”

*she sits next to my friend and I*

“oh great, there were plenty of tables and miss fatty had to just come squeeze next to us”

*my friend gets up*

“man…this is awkard…ok. Look away…just look…awa…y. drink your frozen calories that are no healthier than her muffin…and look…away”

*friend comes back*

After my friend came back, we had an engaging conversation, to which the stranger joined in. Up to now, I had been the most horrible person ever…in my thoughts…and had some serious plans to tell my friend about it later. However, pondering back on this whole event that turned out to be something that doesn’t happen often, I couldn’t believe how me…a college student , a member of the educated elite group of college students, majoring in psychology and law had these horrible, misconstrued thoughts about another simple human being. I felt sick to my stomach. I really did.

When the lady started talking to us, we humbly replied and thus a conversation was sparked. I made such a great acquaintance! I had the most fulfilling conversation with her; it felt as if we had been friends for years and years. And guess what…She turned out to be a very wise lady. She had been to law school, and majored in criminal law as I want to do, and gave me great advice. Harsh advice, but still great.  Strabucks closed, and we were still talking with this lady! [Her name escapes me unfortunately]. She was wonderful, she told us about her kids, about her childhood [which was horrible, poor child] she showed us the book she was keeping her thoughts in and in return we told her about us. About school, about our goals, and about our childhoods. Within a few hours we were ready to be bff’s! I told her about how I came from Cuba, and my friend mentioned her Puerto Rican background and the lady confessed to have thought we were sisters at first. This provably made me and my friend blush a little, after all I had only known her for a few months, and boy were we close!  We had so much in common that it was hard to believe, so she was naturally a shoe in for a close friendship. I was very pleased that someone had noticed.

By the end of the night, I think that we had all had a great time, and I at least felt as if not all was lost. At the end of the night, I was ashamed of my prejudices, and I no longer cared about personal space. I was content that someone had talked to me, I even felt glorified by the fact that a stranger felt like what two 20 year olds said was worth listening to. It was a great feeling. Almost the same kind of feeling I would get in Cuba.

I guess the lesson of it all is to take thoughts slow, our brains these days are hardwired to see and perceive, see and perceive….we need to slow it down, see, think, analyze, and perceive. We really need to get rid of prejudices as much as we can, even knowing full well that we can never get rid of prejudices completely.  Sometimes I just think that we could achieve that “community” feeling, by letting a little bit more people in, by sparking up a conversation with the guy on the subway, by talking up the next person in the elevator, maybe even that one person you’ve been thinking of getting to know better.

Where ever daily life takes you, whether its Class, work, or bungee jumping….i think there is always someone there, who will be worth talking to, just for the old fashioned sake of conversation. And I believe that there is always someone worth listening to.

Like my mom never fails to remind me, “the best advice I got was from someone who I never liked”, and I feel that everyone has a story, and someone is destined to listen.

A tribute to what it meant to be married…

12 Jul

My wife the catalyst to my change

The advocate to my ways

The heart that beats for my soul

And the change of times that make her more.

The one that finds all the lost animals

Brings them to my doorstep, even when I say no

I shake my head, we don’t need more animals

She sneaks them in through the back door.

My wife.

The smile, never in vain

Never the tears

Never the pain

My wife, the Joanne D’Arc of our days

The savior of my deteriorative ways

The one whom I hope

Gets discovered one day

My wife, she writes me this poem-and says:

My husbad

My moments galore

My dear, my everything more

My husbad, a secret addiction

A confectioner’s sugar

A sweet little non- fiction

And everything super.

He’s the superman

The one guy stand

That sweet surprise

The envy of all the other guys

My husband, my never demise.

He’s there, holding my hand by my side

The role he is playing

Deserves an award

Because to me he is the husband

That I was meant to adore.

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