It came in a form of a dream…

30 Jul

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Have you ever had a dream that was a prophesy in nature? I mean a real prophesy where there are all kinds of things going on…i don’t know, a werewolf who turns suddenly into your long lost uncle bob who died of schizophrenia just as he was at the height of his knowledge. Then this makes you think…..”are we suppose to learn that much?” “maybe schizophrenia isn’t a disease…its a control mechanism…”

oooohhh. Thought provoking isnt it? Then you think about all the suffering you’ve gone through….then maybe a vampire pops in somewhere in this dream and instead of turning into something beautiful/horrible like the guy who took my virginity, it turns into like..the werewolf..then BAMM! a plot twist occurs!

Was my uncle Bob a werewolf?!

no…he was too smart…

well maybe you havent had those kinda dreams, and neither have i. The only dream i had that was very otherworldly was one i never understood untill it came true.

i once dreamt that my grandma was walking through the streets in Cuba and she was coming from a market or somewhere that was normal for her to go to and come back from, then as she was walking by a house, she leaned in to acknowledge the garden, because it was quite beautiful , and as she did so i remember thinking in my dream “no.” because hidden in the garden was in fact a snake. A vicious one, and at once the snake bit her and my grandma died. i remember waking up every night after i had this dream [because it was repetitive] and i would go to my grandma’s room and nuzzle next to her. she should tell me it was OK, things were gonna fine. And one day, she died. She allegedly jumped in front of a train. I get it…the snake was the merciless snake. But scary, after that I’ve never had that dream or one like it again…and that is provably the part that scares me the most.


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