♥Look Who’s Talking♥

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Dai is the name
18 years is my age
i’m cuban & proud
yeah i’m kinda loud
i’m the kinda chick that believes that something rhymes with orange
kinda like chuck norris
i love color
b&w is so overated
and yeah, sometimes i wish i was taller
but at least i’m not gettting smaller
jen’s my BFF
Not Jill
i Text a Lot
i believe you need to feel free to speak
without needing to plead the fifth
lawyer is my profession
psychology is my obsession
math takes me all different directions
not very worthy is my observation
J is my boyfriend…
for now
oh but don’t have a cow.
he’s a cool kid, that’s for sure
just needs a few lessons is all
needs to get his time right
needs a little guiding light
french is my language of choice
crazy, is all that noise.
Peace and love all the way
did you hug your tree today?
it’s all the same
view it through opposite names.
College years are here
and best friends, aren’t so near.
we call but it’s not the same
it’s okay cuz nothings like summer oh-eight.
hicking and camping i’d like to do
but fashon and swiming is more my groove.
I’d love to be kissed in the rain
But no guy is ever as insane
Dai is the name
Remember the face
A single ace
since i play No games.


3 Responses to “♥Look Who’s Talking♥”

  1. frenchfwries April 2, 2009 at 5:29 AM #

    why doesn’t anyone ever comment?


  2. croneandbearit June 9, 2010 at 5:33 PM #

    Yeah why don’t they? Beats me coz you are one talented lady. Quite the poet – I like your words and feelings. Just read one of your posts about women and how they’re treated and it took me back many years (yes I am waaaaay older than you) to a job I once held and remembering the day I quit the guy who hired me had the audacity to tell me he hired me for my legs. That was 25 years ago and ya know what? We’ve made some progress but we have a long way to go. I expect great things from you sweetie! Hugs!


    • frenchfwries June 9, 2010 at 11:11 PM #

      Thanks so much for your comment. Such kind words, knowing that someone out there is paying attention def. helps. I truly thank you, its amazing how someone out of randomness can touch someone else through just plain words isnt it? Well Miss Croneandbearit, you have made my day!!!


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