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Let me tell you about him.

18 Mar

Dear Diary

Its been quite a while

Since I’ve written things down

But last time I had not much to say

And now I’ve got quite a bit!

I have met somebody new

[although this should be no real news to you]

He’s as sweet as can be

Someone whose story is true

He laughs at my jokes, smiles when I pout

He looks into me deeply, and prevents my frowns

Our days have been filled

With glorious endeavors

From kisses and stars to afternoons in the park,

chocolate is no need, to me he’s much sweeter.

His family is amazing

We have plans in two days

I admit his mom sometimes scares me

But I love her either way

He’s an animal Lover

And puts me first

He’s all I’ve ever wanted

I cant ask for more.

Oh Diary if you could just see

The way he looks at me

The way that I smile

His touch goes for miles.

If there is a god I am grateful

For putting him in my way

If there are spirits hear my thank you

For letting me stray

If it’s a Buddha I seek

You have definitely enlightened me

And if in fact its Allah

Then you must know I’m in complete awe.

He’s exciting and selfless

Sexy and sensible.

He’s 26 but practically ageless

The one who makes life oh so tolerable.

He fills me with sunshine

Brings me soup if I’m sick

He’s the type that would cross America

If it meant one more kiss.

We see each other daily

Yet it is not enough

Dear diary I am simply saying

He’s gotta be the one.


Not too long ago…

27 Jan


It was not too long ago

When I looked up and saw

The feelings arise

When we said goodbye


It was not too long ago

When your eyes saw my eyes

And told me not to cry


Not only but some seconds have passed

The time, how it elapsed

And suddenly change

Began to take place


I did not want it

I didn’t condone it

I did nothing to deserve it

But it came anyways


Swiftly in fact,

Too swift for my taste

Did it take away

The memories of yesterday


So I uncertainly say

That it was not long ago

But truly it could’ve been years

From here to near


I would never know

It’s a memory left very alone

Suppressed back

As far as it goes


I could not have thought

Of anything to make it come back

But then I saw you

And that was when I knew

Just how far back

A while was.

are you that somebody?

1 Dec

babe whom i miss; 

always has a new kiss

for me:


isn’t it curious how we spell the word “somebody”? because according to the dictionary definition of “some” and “body” they’re totally different, yet together…..it’s a significant word. Kinda like life, and more defined: a relationship. Weird huh? [you can see the definitions at the end of the post :)] SOOO…being how this post is about the relationship between me and my babe….well that whole somebody thing works out no? yeah. i think so. i like the title. good title. lol. Anyways, about my babe me and babe we’re good. he is being a very good boy today and he’s behaving. he’s very excited about coming over later tonight, and so am i. We’re going to watch CSI; Heck Yes. lol. good times.

note2self: anniversary in 5 days yay [confetti]



Some: being an undetermined or unspecified one

Body: the physical structure and material substance of an animal or plant, living or dead.

SomeBody:a person of some note or importance.

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