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The oh-la-la line

17 Mar


Inspired by everything and the necessity to embelish a plain ol headband, the oh-la-la line is made to be soft but daring…..feminine and powerfull. It is your go to piece when you want to make a statement. Can be attatched to a head band.or worn by itself. Let me know if you like it! More pieces coming soon based on request 🙂


The Garage Sale- Handmade is to Craft like Organic is to Farming

7 Nov

We had the community Garage Sale today and it went off without a hitch.

David and the BF Vinh helped

The Garland Demo...comes in every color of the rainbow ❤

My absolute Favorite barrette

Isnt this cute?

The cutest and more awesome of the stuff we all made

First glass bead i made for the Boyfriend

The Garage sale

an Etsy website coming soon. The school is killing me right now, so i’m gonna be a little bit busy doing the research project, but let me know what you think of these cute little things!

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