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→←→←I like…where we are →←→←

4 Dec

[ OK so my title is a song, just so you know. ]

it’s so hard coming up with these titles….one of these days i’m just going to leave it blank. seriously. Anywho so i woke up to the cutest text message ever from my babe, congratulating our 3rd month anniversary. Ohhh…i know! it was so adorable, and he would’ve called me BUT since he’s at work he can’t. although he provably will later. he’s cute like that. so yeah. →←→←→←→←→←→←→←→←→←→←→←→←→←→←→←→←→←→←→←→←→←→←→←

so that was today, yesturday he sent me a poem via text [cuz we can’t really talk much…our schedules are super packed] and it was just so cute, i loved it ♥ →←→←→←→←→←→←→←→←→←→←→←→←→←→←→←→←→←→←→←→←→←→←→←

Then on Tuesday, we spent a good part of the afternoon together, he picked me up right from work [both of us had just gotten off] and then we went over to his place and while he took a shower i cuddled with the sheets he had bought because i told him they were good sheets. lol he loves those sheets ♥ he’s a good guy 🙂 oh and THEN it got so freakin cold that when he was done taking a shower he came to the room freezing cuz of the hot water so i hugged him super tight so he’d get warm and we just stayed like that for a while under the covers untill he stopped shaking. then when we were warm enough, we left to this really REALLY good BBQ place called lucilles, and ate sooooooo much, i mean it was SOO amazing-the food. and then we left and we went to take a stroll at the mall. it was so nice. we walked off the food lol. which is what we did on our first date after we ate- we went to the beach to walk it off- it was nice. it was our anniversary thing cuz today it would’ve been impossible for us to be together. yep yep. We also laughed and joked like crazy. Gosh i love that kid. my babe.




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