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New Craft Blog

16 Jun

Yes! Frenchfwries has upgraded! It is now Frenchfwries 2.o! Over at FF2 we are making some crazy things happen. Every week we have 3 segments. So hop on over and join us on Mondays for free wallpapers, Wednesdays for Crafting fun with me, and Thursdays for your weekly dose of IT News for the hubby. Also, as if that wasn’t enough, we are trying to implement a giveaway each month. Although this month has already passes us on by, so the next giveaway will be in July, we hope to see you there!

PS-This blog will still exist but it will be for my own crafts and things, like poetry, i might get back to that…


!New project ¡

4 Apr


Can u guess what it is?

NEW ITEMS!! …..come have a ganther….

31 Mar


Well first is first, Happy April Fools Day!!!

I promise this post is Legitimate, no fooling on the blogosphere!

I have updated my Etsy shop with bran spanking new items!! How excited am i? Well…..if you follow my typing i am SCREAMING with excited-ness. And apparently making up words….its ok, the nice people with the white jacket that take me to the room with the padded walls say that help is on the way. lol….bio psych joke

Anyways, we were on the very exciting new items topic, woot woot

and (drumroll please) HERE they are!

Item No.1 is an astonishing little pendent i like to call Item No. 1, because, it is the VERY first item i created for myself and have found it VERY hard to let it go online….but its not a baby item anymore, it’s grown up into a full grown “i -take-this-everywhere necklace (sob.sob)

Come on….you love it….

And because i know just how much you love it….here is one more shot!

So onto Item No.2…not as special as item No. 1, but it will be very special to Judy once i give it to her for her Bday!

I made every little detail of this necklace, down to the crocheting of the circle. i am one proud crafter!

The heart (also handmade) adds a nice touch doesnt it? yeah…i know…

Well, i’m sorry to be all “post and run” but i have GOT to get some sleep….i am one tired little school girl trying to get a law degree.


Dai ❤

Getting Some Ideas….

29 Mar

Ok, so lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what i can bring to the table in regards to my etsy shop and i have seen some great ideas regarding jewelry.

These are simple earrings, but i think that if i were to tweek them up a bit, add in my own style, they would be FrenchFwries material for sure!

What do you think?

Loopy Earrings











Crotchet Ribbon Earrings (these are spectacular!)










Cherry Dangle Earrings

















This summer though, i really want to incorporate a lot of lace, and i just don’t know how i can do that with earrings? I’m thinking lace and tulle….hmm…ideas ideas!

Happy Browsing!



21 Mar




Made this little thing last night, what do you think? This beauty is size 8 but I can easily make any size.

The oh-la-la line

17 Mar


Inspired by everything and the necessity to embelish a plain ol headband, the oh-la-la line is made to be soft but daring…..feminine and powerfull. It is your go to piece when you want to make a statement. Can be attatched to a head band.or worn by itself. Let me know if you like it! More pieces coming soon based on request 🙂

Handmade- from metal to statements

15 Mar






These pieces started off as simple metal and now they have been transformed into statement pieces! Completely customizable! Let me know in comments if you’d like one, I can set up a shop for you, discount if you’re the first to post!

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