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Variations of the same dark choice.

31 Mar


Pour me a line


He dips inside


Laughing away


Shutting the door


The ground’s getting closer


Close to my face


Isn’t it great?


The next day:


Bloodshot eyes Feeling so dizzy


Mom’s coming in, feeling uneasy.


Feeling remorse. Cant wait for more.


Time’s a’wasting.

9 Mar

Time is definitely , wasting away, and i haven’t had any inspiration lately. Maybe I’ve been feeling a bit stressed. School is beating me down pretty badly, i just want to do well and just get everything done and over with since i have incentive now :). i am of course talking about my wonderful bf.  He’s the bestest. Yesterday he brought me soupy and some halls, the GOOD kind, not the kind you just randomly see and pick up fast to get it outta the way, no sireee. He got me the strawberry flavor [which is awesome] and the defense one with vitamin C. Whohoo. I’m eating a strawberry one right now. its the best i gotta say. He’s the best too, he really is. Today he was feeling really tired at work and i felt so guilty because he came over yesterday and took care of me because if that stupidly persistent sore throat i keep having and so i felt relived, and so happy he was here, its just that i know after a long day of work all one really wants to do is chillax. plus he works so hard. So today he was telling me how tired he was and i told him how i was sorry about it and maybe he should start by getting to sleep earlier and stuff and he said “maybe i just need to wake up next to you” lol. its a silly sentance but it comepletely made me smile because he is so sweet. i knwo he means it in everyway , but i know also that he half means it.

We are so undeniably cute. i don’t mean to be judgmental because after all he is MY boyfriend, i gotta think he’s cute no? well one would hope anyways, so my reason for thinking he’s the cutest thing in the world is that the other day we were talking about out baby [the kindle] and how we’re gonna start doing sleepovers where sometimes he takes it and soemtimes its with me, but i mean its just adorable how we do things like that, where we share stuff. And how he really wants to get an Element [the car] so that we can be more adventurous and go biking and hiking and what not. but the best thing about him is how devoted he is. He’s gotta be one of the few men out there who is the “good” kind. I remember thinking this when we had met and i saw him always going through so much trouble for his previous gf, wayyyy before i had a bf, and so he would always do cute things for her and my boss, natalie which always left me outta the pic. Not intentionally he jsut didnt know me very well and for about a year we observed each other from afar, and then somehow, we met.

its funny how things happen, i mean it was a fateful that it so happen to be that day Natalie wasn’t there, and i came to work and he had to help, then we went on to mildly flirt, and how i remember those moments when i was near him, how nervous i would get even though he had a girl friend and i was not single one bit. but did we care? love sure didn’t. and now look at us, almost half a year since that fateful event. And i still cant believe how much he makes my day. its almost like he’s the mirror and I’m the light, he can always have me there in the reflection.

and where would i be without his support and kindness towards my poems? he absolutely loves them and encourages me.

which brings me to a point, i do not mind if you want to take a poem of mine to post on your blog, i just ask you name me as the author, linking my blog and you inform me about it. its common courtesy and i am the author and just because i post it publicly it doesn’t not mean you can.



Eh….what is the cure for waiting?

28 Oct

Hey Hey


Just here in the library…..i KNOW…weird right? Well I’m just here, chilling because I actually did my homework at home and i have it in my notebook..yep that’s right. And I am so going to turn it in today. Yep. I’m so excited, I’m doing exeptionally well in psych, I just know the stuff, I listen and I retain it…maybe because it facinates me so much I guess…idk. I really am loving it though and my teacher is really great…..


So my lesbian lover and I were talking last Tuesday and she was telling about the stars and how there was going to be a once in a lifetime experience thing going on that nite from 1 am to 5am and so her and I were so excited and she was telling me how she was going to go and invited me but I said I couldn’t because I just didn’t know and I had some responsibilities at home and stuff {mainly to be there} and so I went home all sad because I really wanted to see the stars and gosh this was Hailey’s comet type deal…..so I was REALLY sad I was going to miss it. So I got home and started talking to my PIC and I told him about it and we ended up going 🙂 and so we were there from like midnight to three-ish I think. And it was amazing. We laughed and I read him a Cuban folktale story and we laughed harder and then we just talked about stuff and I got paranoid every time he looked at me because he only looked at me cuz I got paranoid….lol….it’s awkward and you know me and awkward moments….not good. Haha


I’m so excited for him and I, we’re planning out so much stuff, its awesome.


Oh that reminds me I want to go to a Halloween party 😦 but cant yet….i don’t have one. I really wanted just those pics that come with the party….


Uggg ten minutes to go till class…..



So onto another topic…..ummm..oh my lesbian lover and I have a stalker….ugg…stupid boys. This guy I’ve known since like last year, we met here and he seemed nice enough but truth be told…he’s obsessive and compulsive and he thinks that I’m going to give him a back massage somehow [you think that sounds weird….you have NO idea the types of convo he has w/ me..gross] so I’m just not talking to him but he likes waits outside my env. Science class and he like asks me what’s up and what I’m doing and every week it’s the same “like…going to class” hello!


My lesbian lover’s stalker is a bit weirder….he’s IN our class and last week he asked her to star bucks after class and she went thinking it was innocent enough but he totally came on to her and to tell you the truth the guy always creped me out, and he’s always asking me if she’s coming to class and I’m like  “k dude, idk”  so anyways…..


Missing my hunny bunny here. Well I’m off to class 🙂

Cafe Con Leche

6 Oct

Oh you Americans…thinking you created the “latte”…first of all…the word is French…so why would you even think that? Then comes the fact that yeah u created something but it was more like water and some instant coffee and milk….we Cubans, know what’s up….WE’LL wake you up for sure….you guys are drinking the weak stuff and you’re addicted to it? well…that sucks….you can’t even enjoy a GOOD cup of joe huh? Well, to fix your problems I suggest you go to Miami and find some good Cuban friends (basically the first Cuban you see, because we are ALL good Cuban friends…it’s weird….but it’s innate) just get them to invite you over, which is not hard, and they will make you the best cup of coffee you will have ever tasted….and you can call it a Latte…we’ll let you. You will never want that overpriced, over watered, overrated starbucks again. I can go to COLOMBIA and get a pound of coffee and a small boy for the price of a cup of coffee at starbucks….seriously. [Btw…that was not my original joke, I stole it from a comedian however I cannot remember his name, but he was SOO Right]

Onwards! To actual news! [Because face it…everyone knows coffee is really expensive…]

So…as I sit here

Writing to you

I’m really thinking

About how I have a paper due

So what do I do?

I keep sitting here                        

Writing to you….                                                                                                                        


That’s like…an ode to procrastination…happening RIGHT NOW! *gasp* I’m so bad though…the damn thing is due in like 2 hours….wtf….right? Well that’s why I’ve decided to make this fast…

me–the bf–going out—almost 2 months–lovely–wrote poems–hearts soar–great dates–and great…you know….love this guy—really think it’s something.

Yep. Not going to waste time telling you how he makes me feel because I want to save that post for when I have a research paper due…yep…


Dai Tai.

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