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He puts the “wonder” in wonderfull :)

7 Oct

i LOVE this guy….


Sometimes i feel like we are SO meant to beDnc4

And that is a little scary……


But all in all…..i have the best feeling of us working out at the end…through it all…and some people might even call that love…..



You Can Call IT Love.

6 Oct

There they sat

In that lovely spot

Different in mind-

In eyes and corrupt

But oh so sweet

Did it seem to me

That just when it turned dark

The nightmares had stopped

He looked up:

From that spot

Took my hand

And then stopped.

Took a look inside

My eyes thus my soul

My lips

Oh amor.

I never ever thought

Of such a lovely spot

In which you would be

There sitting with me

Looking out

And talking ‘bout nothing

And I can’t help but think

Deep deep inside

That when we both were young

Listening and looking through the cracks

Of those adult conversations

This was what was always brought up.

I can’t help but think

It’s true

Not so mean

That’s how they described

What happened tonight

Our hands interwoven

Reminds me of how

I always looked for the signs

In, up and about

Where ever I was                                

Always exploring

The forest so large

Of something yet to be found.

And I stand here tonight

My hand woven through yours pretty tight

Looking up at the scene

Of what we must be.

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