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are you that somebody?

1 Dec

babe whom i miss; 

always has a new kiss

for me:


isn’t it curious how we spell the word “somebody”? because according to the dictionary definition of “some” and “body” they’re totally different, yet together…..it’s a significant word. Kinda like life, and more defined: a relationship. Weird huh? [you can see the definitions at the end of the post :)] SOOO…being how this post is about the relationship between me and my babe….well that whole somebody thing works out no? yeah. i think so. i like the title. good title. lol. Anyways, about my babe me and babe we’re good. he is being a very good boy today and he’s behaving. he’s very excited about coming over later tonight, and so am i. We’re going to watch CSI; Heck Yes. lol. good times.

note2self: anniversary in 5 days yay [confetti]



Some: being an undetermined or unspecified one

Body: the physical structure and material substance of an animal or plant, living or dead.

SomeBody:a person of some note or importance.

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