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White Abyss #1

5 Aug

There was a white blindness all around me; the kind that you see in those big rooms with the padded walls. This unnaturally bleached white, stared back, right as I winced open my eyes. My eyes being the only light colored in the family shut back right up when the unnatural white shot in.

Where am I?

I thought. Last thing I knew, wait. There is no last thing I knew. I panicked.

Where am I?

I scanned the whiteness; there was a metal bed which I was laying on and some itchy uncomfortable sheets which had clothed me, and a small might-as-well-not-be-there pillow. All impeccably white, impeccably clean. I had absolutely no knowledge of where I was or where I came from or how I got here, but I was comforted by the fact that there were four walls, a door and a ceiling. At least I could leave.

I got up, but fell down almost immediately. My body was now on the cold marbled floor. Even the floor was white, had anyone every walked in before?

My falling must’ve created quite a bit of noise because next thing I know I hear some keys and the door opens. I caught a glimpse of the other side of the door, it was painted a light summery green, it went great with the bleached white in my opinion.

A female came through the door. She had bright red hair, I remember because it was the only thing [aside from my blue eyes and her green ones] that wasn’t white in the room. Her fitted dress was white with pockets that seemed to never have suffered from an ink spill although she kept pens in there, [she used one to fill out some notes on a piece of paper]. He stockings were also white, as well as her keds that seemed to be covered by white plastic. I recall a swish-swish noise of mumbled shuffled movements. I also vaguely recall her speaking.

“How are you feeling?”

I believe she said, right after helping me up and onto my now cold iron makeshift bed. I don’t know if I mumbled something, I just felt the bed and felt the cold the empty white room brought , making me just close my eyes and fade into a dark abyss accompanied by another vast room of nothing.


Variations of the same dark choice.

31 Mar


Pour me a line


He dips inside


Laughing away


Shutting the door


The ground’s getting closer


Close to my face


Isn’t it great?


The next day:


Bloodshot eyes Feeling so dizzy


Mom’s coming in, feeling uneasy.


Feeling remorse. Cant wait for more.

Time’s a’wasting.

9 Mar

Time is definitely , wasting away, and i haven’t had any inspiration lately. Maybe I’ve been feeling a bit stressed. School is beating me down pretty badly, i just want to do well and just get everything done and over with since i have incentive now :). i am of course talking about my wonderful bf.  He’s the bestest. Yesterday he brought me soupy and some halls, the GOOD kind, not the kind you just randomly see and pick up fast to get it outta the way, no sireee. He got me the strawberry flavor [which is awesome] and the defense one with vitamin C. Whohoo. I’m eating a strawberry one right now. its the best i gotta say. He’s the best too, he really is. Today he was feeling really tired at work and i felt so guilty because he came over yesterday and took care of me because if that stupidly persistent sore throat i keep having and so i felt relived, and so happy he was here, its just that i know after a long day of work all one really wants to do is chillax. plus he works so hard. So today he was telling me how tired he was and i told him how i was sorry about it and maybe he should start by getting to sleep earlier and stuff and he said “maybe i just need to wake up next to you” lol. its a silly sentance but it comepletely made me smile because he is so sweet. i knwo he means it in everyway , but i know also that he half means it.

We are so undeniably cute. i don’t mean to be judgmental because after all he is MY boyfriend, i gotta think he’s cute no? well one would hope anyways, so my reason for thinking he’s the cutest thing in the world is that the other day we were talking about out baby [the kindle] and how we’re gonna start doing sleepovers where sometimes he takes it and soemtimes its with me, but i mean its just adorable how we do things like that, where we share stuff. And how he really wants to get an Element [the car] so that we can be more adventurous and go biking and hiking and what not. but the best thing about him is how devoted he is. He’s gotta be one of the few men out there who is the “good” kind. I remember thinking this when we had met and i saw him always going through so much trouble for his previous gf, wayyyy before i had a bf, and so he would always do cute things for her and my boss, natalie which always left me outta the pic. Not intentionally he jsut didnt know me very well and for about a year we observed each other from afar, and then somehow, we met.

its funny how things happen, i mean it was a fateful that it so happen to be that day Natalie wasn’t there, and i came to work and he had to help, then we went on to mildly flirt, and how i remember those moments when i was near him, how nervous i would get even though he had a girl friend and i was not single one bit. but did we care? love sure didn’t. and now look at us, almost half a year since that fateful event. And i still cant believe how much he makes my day. its almost like he’s the mirror and I’m the light, he can always have me there in the reflection.

and where would i be without his support and kindness towards my poems? he absolutely loves them and encourages me.

which brings me to a point, i do not mind if you want to take a poem of mine to post on your blog, i just ask you name me as the author, linking my blog and you inform me about it. its common courtesy and i am the author and just because i post it publicly it doesn’t not mean you can.



the new meaning of love

16 Feb


L is not for the way that you look at me

Although it is nice

I prefer to match L to

Our lovely nights.

O is not for the only one I see

Although it is you

I prefer to say that O stands for

The opaque in my life you have lifted away

V is very Extra ordinary

However in my book

I prefer to think of it as the

Valleys that still stand in our way

E is even more than anyone that you adore

But I rather find

That E is for all the Evenings of which you

Have been by my side.

The perfect place

9 Feb


I was wondering the other day

If I could find some place

To write our names

A place where US wont be taken away


So I wrote it in suds

On the shower door

But slowly they run down

And that’s not US at all


So I then took my lipstick

A Deep Deep red

And wrote the words on the mirror

But sadly lipstick  can be easily washed  away


Then we went to the beach

And I wrote US on the sand

But the water once again came

So I wrote it in my heart

And forever it will stay.

Weird dream

2 Feb

Oh man, I had a freaky dream today. It was so weird. Apparently our country was being run by Aliens and there was this ship and I told everyone to get on board and help me fight them off with their specialized seats made up with guns and everything. My boyfriend was there and my aunt and my grandpa, weirdly enough.

The thing is that I was really weak, I don’t know If there was some part of me missing like a leg or something, but I was really weak, they told me not to fight but I went on anyways. While we were lifting off, my aunt told me something funny, she said that she had hoped we had used the restroom before leaving because you can’t battle aliens on a full bladder, anyways I had to go to the restroom so we had to stop at an alien and human safe zone the aliens had built and my grandpa came inside with me to help me get into the restroom that looked like it was the guys room because the decals were so weird.

Anyways I flooded the toilet and everyone was looking at me so I had to go grab a plunger and un flood it but it didn’t work that way weirdly enough, so I just left. Hey I tried. And then I found my grandpa outside waiting for me on the ground. He looked really young, but in this scene he looked as if like had aged him 50 years. So we went back to the ship and my dream ended….i have absolutely NO idea where this dream came from…..weird.


30 Jan

Simply is told

Simple at most

The way that it seems

Does our freedom ring

I’ll keep up my words

My moral at the most

I’ll keep up the laws

That our society holds

I’ll tell my kids one day

The things that the Book says

But don’t expect them to believe

A single thing

I will not expect much

I will teach just as I have been taught

I will believe in what I believe

And choose to be

Just me

It’s a pledge from here out

To never sell out

To think twice

Before going out

To think once again

About the latest mistakes

But I will not blame

Others for what I have made

It really is simple

Just words, in fact

That these things we call rights

Have taken to act.

Upon societies laws

How can we say that

When we arent alone

As far as societies go

We must think for ourselves

But hardly are taught

Its just empty words

Our parents have fought

Its empty eyes

Its feelings inside

Its these little things

That lets freedom ring

Its because of these causes

That argument arises

And then turns on the storm

Of that which we call “a war”

But cant we just say

That simple is  told

That simple beholds

Our society’s hold?

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