It’s a story about you and I

How lovely that first sign

How curious at first look

Was  the love between me and you

It’s a story simply told

It’s about a boy

A girl

And the bold.

About the you and the me

About how fun we can be

It’s a story to tell


And since the dawn of time

Always prevailed.

It’s a story that’s been written about

Many times

Around and around

 the world it has gone

To china, India and even Milan.

Its about two main characters

The boy and the girl

Who usually talked late into the night

And missed each other all the time.

This story also grows

It’s already been a month

And the pages are much more!

There is drama, and fights and everything nice

There is action and rattling and kissing delights

There is love and pure goodness

Moments galore

It’s that type of story that’s meant

To be told.


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  1. Ethan February 4, 2010 at 8:07 PM #



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