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25 Jun

Hello world!

Lately i’ve been on a “making” frenzy and I’ve updated the always awesome SCARFS&KNITS page. The one on my sidebar. Now i’ve made a cute little Sackboy [from the Sony game LittleBig planet] and a cute little bunny.

i made this crochet bunny for a friend of mine who was having a bday to go along with the yellow lotion bottle i bought her.

Sackboy-A cute little Sackboy doll like the one in LittleBig planet i made for my bf.

Like what you see? Leave a comment if you feel really moved by this.

:] :] :]

Much Thanks!


Let me tell you about him.

18 Mar

Dear Diary

Its been quite a while

Since I’ve written things down

But last time I had not much to say

And now I’ve got quite a bit!

I have met somebody new

[although this should be no real news to you]

He’s as sweet as can be

Someone whose story is true

He laughs at my jokes, smiles when I pout

He looks into me deeply, and prevents my frowns

Our days have been filled

With glorious endeavors

From kisses and stars to afternoons in the park,

chocolate is no need, to me he’s much sweeter.

His family is amazing

We have plans in two days

I admit his mom sometimes scares me

But I love her either way

He’s an animal Lover

And puts me first

He’s all I’ve ever wanted

I cant ask for more.

Oh Diary if you could just see

The way he looks at me

The way that I smile

His touch goes for miles.

If there is a god I am grateful

For putting him in my way

If there are spirits hear my thank you

For letting me stray

If it’s a Buddha I seek

You have definitely enlightened me

And if in fact its Allah

Then you must know I’m in complete awe.

He’s exciting and selfless

Sexy and sensible.

He’s 26 but practically ageless

The one who makes life oh so tolerable.

He fills me with sunshine

Brings me soup if I’m sick

He’s the type that would cross America

If it meant one more kiss.

We see each other daily

Yet it is not enough

Dear diary I am simply saying

He’s gotta be the one.

He is the mirror, i am the light.

10 Mar

Disclaimer: if you decide to use MY poem for your blog, then i do need you to ask for my approval and link my blog along with it. This is mine and although i post it it doesn’t mean you can plagiarize and post it too.

I’ve been thinking very thoroughly

about when u get to ask me.

When you get to stand on one knee

And propose to me

I’ve planned everything out

Every detail accounted for

From your tux to my gown

And from the ring to my smile.

This has been a long time coming

I’m sure

You have thought it out

paced all the floors

And finally decided that your life needed more

It needed me

And my smile is full to the brim

I am happy galore

Even at night I shine, brighter than ever before

I have thought about the question

Knowing you I might add

I keep thinking and thinking

How will you ask?

Will you do it in private

By the balcony door?

Will you throw rocks at my window

And bring me to shore?

Will your heart beat as fast

As when we first kissed

And will mine cease to stop

When you whisper to me?

What will it be like

When I say I do?

What will it be

You plus me

And me plus you?

Will we laugh at that part

When the priest says to kiss?

Will I blush really red

While trying not to miss?

Will we go hand in hand

Down the ivory aisle?

Or will you carry me

As if I weighed ten pounds?

How about the honeymoon

How ill that be and where?

All of these questions are

Filling my air.

And I simply cant wait

My joy is barely contained

At the moment from now

When I take my vows.

I can see it, can you?

When I say I do

You’re all for me

And I am all for you

It will be that one magic act

Where you ask your assistant

To come and take part

And when we disappear, they will all be in awe.

And I simply cant wait

Every night, I just close my eyes

Feeling that one of these days

I’ll wake up being your bride.

The perfect place

9 Feb


I was wondering the other day

If I could find some place

To write our names

A place where US wont be taken away


So I wrote it in suds

On the shower door

But slowly they run down

And that’s not US at all


So I then took my lipstick

A Deep Deep red

And wrote the words on the mirror

But sadly lipstick  can be easily washed  away


Then we went to the beach

And I wrote US on the sand

But the water once again came

So I wrote it in my heart

And forever it will stay.


30 Jan

Simply is told

Simple at most

The way that it seems

Does our freedom ring

I’ll keep up my words

My moral at the most

I’ll keep up the laws

That our society holds

I’ll tell my kids one day

The things that the Book says

But don’t expect them to believe

A single thing

I will not expect much

I will teach just as I have been taught

I will believe in what I believe

And choose to be

Just me

It’s a pledge from here out

To never sell out

To think twice

Before going out

To think once again

About the latest mistakes

But I will not blame

Others for what I have made

It really is simple

Just words, in fact

That these things we call rights

Have taken to act.

Upon societies laws

How can we say that

When we arent alone

As far as societies go

We must think for ourselves

But hardly are taught

Its just empty words

Our parents have fought

Its empty eyes

Its feelings inside

Its these little things

That lets freedom ring

Its because of these causes

That argument arises

And then turns on the storm

Of that which we call “a war”

But cant we just say

That simple is  told

That simple beholds

Our society’s hold?

Not too long ago…

27 Jan


It was not too long ago

When I looked up and saw

The feelings arise

When we said goodbye


It was not too long ago

When your eyes saw my eyes

And told me not to cry


Not only but some seconds have passed

The time, how it elapsed

And suddenly change

Began to take place


I did not want it

I didn’t condone it

I did nothing to deserve it

But it came anyways


Swiftly in fact,

Too swift for my taste

Did it take away

The memories of yesterday


So I uncertainly say

That it was not long ago

But truly it could’ve been years

From here to near


I would never know

It’s a memory left very alone

Suppressed back

As far as it goes


I could not have thought

Of anything to make it come back

But then I saw you

And that was when I knew

Just how far back

A while was.

He puts the “wonder” in wonderfull :)

7 Oct

i LOVE this guy….


Sometimes i feel like we are SO meant to beDnc4

And that is a little scary……


But all in all…..i have the best feeling of us working out at the end…through it all…and some people might even call that love…..


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