New Adjustable Signature Bow Line!

11 Apr


Check out these cute adjustable Signature Bow Line ! They are completely new, not even in my store yet, but what do you think? I would love some feedback!





July Giveaway at FF 2.0!

5 Jul

If you have yet to take a ganther at my other blog Frenchfwries 2.0, now would be a great time to start looking! We have three weekly updates every Wallpaper Monday, Craftime Wednesday and IT Thursday, and this month we even have a giveaway!

If it seems like you want to get acquainted, stop on by!

After all…who doesn’t love free stuff?

New Craft Blog

16 Jun

Yes! Frenchfwries has upgraded! It is now Frenchfwries 2.o! Over at FF2 we are making some crazy things happen. Every week we have 3 segments. So hop on over and join us on Mondays for free wallpapers, Wednesdays for Crafting fun with me, and Thursdays for your weekly dose of IT News for the hubby. Also, as if that wasn’t enough, we are trying to implement a giveaway each month. Although this month has already passes us on by, so the next giveaway will be in July, we hope to see you there!

PS-This blog will still exist but it will be for my own crafts and things, like poetry, i might get back to that…

News Time!

3 Jun

This is going to be short!

I have some big news! The type of news that is not only BIGGG but exciting! I will be going to be moving my blog in a few days yay! Brand new bloggie, brand new giveaways, brand new crafts!


19 May

I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone who partook in this giveaway and without further ADO i’d like to announce the much awaited WINNERS!

comment #10- Jane!!


drumroll please….

Comment #4- Jessica!!


The lucky random number generator stopped on both of you! Many congrats! I will be contacting both ladies through email and once i obtain their addresses i will mail them both the necklace of their choice! If they fail to contact me back after two weeks, i will have to make their entry invalid and i will choose another winner.

Thanks again for stopping by, taking time to enter the contest and being a faithfull viewer! if you didnt win, do not worry i will have goodies coming soon! Enjoy the tutorials and tell me if you make anything!

remember- Handmade is to crafts like organic is to farming!!

Mucho Love&heartfelt wishes


Here comes my first ever GIVEAWAY!!! and 15% Discount!!!

20 Apr

Come one, come all!

because my first ever giveaway is finally here! but first…the rules:

To enter, you must :

  1. Check out my Etsy Shop and tell me what is one item that you really, really really like (this feedback will be used for giveaways in the future..wink wink)

  2. Come back here pronto and leave a comment with your name, email and answer.

Now some Fairness rules:

  1. i ask that you please only enter once, if you have a compulsive entering more than once in a contest disorder, please be aware that any second entry will be deleted.

  2. if you JUST leave a comment that’s fine, but do know that your comment doesn’t count as an entry in this giveaway unless you go to my shop and pick out an item and mention it in the comment section along with whatever you’d like to say.

And for the fun part:

  1. there will be TWO winners, who will get absolutely free the goodies shown below, their choice of color.

  2. When you win i will contact you via email and ask for your address and ship out the necklace for free.

  3. i will use a random number generator to calculate the two winners.

  4. Contest ends May 20th

  5. any gender can enter, i encourage the boys to take this opportunity and enter for a chance to win something totally.awesome&original for the special lady in their life, and to brag.

Finally….the prize!


Thats not all! From today until May 20th, please enjoy a 15% off ENTIRE PURCHASE in my shop! Enter the code GIVE1 at checkout!

Thanks for visiting! Please enjoy!

– Dai

Favorite Blogs

11 Apr

Hey there! Today i wanted to dedicate a post to my most favorite blogs. Seriously folks, i religiously go to these blogs, and thats because they’ve got some gooooood stuff! Check them out, you wont be dissapointed! Also, i added a few items to the shop, if you feel like browsing today, take a look!

Shop- Click Here

Favorite Blogs:

I hope this has inspired you guys! Stay tuned for a giveaway coming next week! EEK! so exciteddddddddddddd!!!

cant wait

cant wait

cant wait
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