30 Jan

Simply is told

Simple at most

The way that it seems

Does our freedom ring

I’ll keep up my words

My moral at the most

I’ll keep up the laws

That our society holds

I’ll tell my kids one day

The things that the Book says

But don’t expect them to believe

A single thing

I will not expect much

I will teach just as I have been taught

I will believe in what I believe

And choose to be

Just me

It’s a pledge from here out

To never sell out

To think twice

Before going out

To think once again

About the latest mistakes

But I will not blame

Others for what I have made

It really is simple

Just words, in fact

That these things we call rights

Have taken to act.

Upon societies laws

How can we say that

When we arent alone

As far as societies go

We must think for ourselves

But hardly are taught

Its just empty words

Our parents have fought

Its empty eyes

Its feelings inside

Its these little things

That lets freedom ring

Its because of these causes

That argument arises

And then turns on the storm

Of that which we call “a war”

But cant we just say

That simple is  told

That simple beholds

Our society’s hold?


One Response to “Simple.”

  1. slpmartin January 30, 2010 at 1:32 PM #

    I like the economy of your lines and how you pack so much into them. I enjoyed the play on words. Very good poem.


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