Cafe Con Leche

6 Oct

Oh you Americans…thinking you created the “latte”…first of all…the word is French…so why would you even think that? Then comes the fact that yeah u created something but it was more like water and some instant coffee and milk….we Cubans, know what’s up….WE’LL wake you up for sure….you guys are drinking the weak stuff and you’re addicted to it? well…that sucks….you can’t even enjoy a GOOD cup of joe huh? Well, to fix your problems I suggest you go to Miami and find some good Cuban friends (basically the first Cuban you see, because we are ALL good Cuban friends…it’s weird….but it’s innate) just get them to invite you over, which is not hard, and they will make you the best cup of coffee you will have ever tasted….and you can call it a Latte…we’ll let you. You will never want that overpriced, over watered, overrated starbucks again. I can go to COLOMBIA and get a pound of coffee and a small boy for the price of a cup of coffee at starbucks….seriously. [Btw…that was not my original joke, I stole it from a comedian however I cannot remember his name, but he was SOO Right]

Onwards! To actual news! [Because face it…everyone knows coffee is really expensive…]

So…as I sit here

Writing to you

I’m really thinking

About how I have a paper due

So what do I do?

I keep sitting here                        

Writing to you….                                                                                                                        


That’s like…an ode to procrastination…happening RIGHT NOW! *gasp* I’m so bad though…the damn thing is due in like 2 hours….wtf….right? Well that’s why I’ve decided to make this fast…

me–the bf–going out—almost 2 months–lovely–wrote poems–hearts soar–great dates–and great…you know….love this guy—really think it’s something.

Yep. Not going to waste time telling you how he makes me feel because I want to save that post for when I have a research paper due…yep…


Dai Tai.


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