Moto Moto…a name so nice, you can say it twice.

23 Jan

th_rawrI’m happy! Happy happy happy. Happy happy happy.

It’s like MotoMoto, a name so nice you can say it twice. Haha! I can’t wait for Madagascar2 to come out [heck yes!]

Well to star…I saw my babe, today…yep yep. And he looked so adorable. I wuv him. Well we spoke today, about STUFF lol, no seriously, we spoke and it was nice, and that’s not all, I’ve been a bit distant since a couple days ago. Well to be exact, I was at work yesterday [gosh it seems like much longer ago..] oh well…so yeah I was at work and we were doing the bridal training thing right, and like Andrew[the boss man] asks me about me and the bf becauuuuseeee it just so happened he was using us being a couple as an example, and well duh he came up and I was all happy and I said “oh we’re really good! Almost five months now” [and yes I get excited about shit like that] and he’s like “oh cool, do you guys say ‘I love you’ and everything?” and I’m like “noooooooo…” and I was kinda kidding and he’s like “Well that’s good because…[he hesitated] well I just don’t think you’re ready” and at this point I’m all like “well good, cuz you aint me…you provably don’t know…” and like he goes on to explain himself and he asks me a question on how our relationship is and I answer truthfully of course, and I say how we’re good he just thinks that like everything he does is ruining my life, and isay this in a way that makes sense to me as meaning not that he is a bad guy, but I see it a genuine thing, but no. he went ALL out and he’s like “well what exactly does he say?” and I’m like “Well he basically said that if I saw someone who attracted me and I liked that person I shouldn’t let the relationship I have now stop me” and he went all psycho and started saying how my babe had a girl on the side, and started asking me questions about how he answers the phone, when he answers it, etc. I answered but I thought he was full of shit, and then comes in angel [the other manager] and he’s like all siding with Andrew and now I have doubt in my mind. b/c angel answered truthfully, as in w/o knowing it was about me, he just said that if a guy said that to a girl then he cared but not really because he meant that their relationship wasn’t good enough for them to actually try it out. So that left me thinking my babe was either cheating on me Or he didn’t want to be with me and every few random minutes I’d think about it then another incident would come up we’re he’d do this and I’d be like “a ha!” but an incident after that would cancel the 1st incident out, leaving me clueless and still in doubt. So I called him and he was working and he was trying to tell me what he thought but he ended in mid-sentence and was like “you know I can’t really do this right now” and like of course to me that was like “I gotta think about what I’m going to tell her” and like today I was distant and I didn’t wanna talk to him and I sent him an email telling him that I was going to sleep early and that we couldn’t hang out Friday cuz I was working. So he didn’t call me @ nite and I was kinda like “wtf?” cuz he always calls me. And then I was like whatever and later on in the day today I felt like he was going to call me cuz he probably thought I’d be home and stuff  and I was at work and he did call me at 3 ish and it was funny cuz I kinda thought he would and I picked up and told him I was at work and he’s like “well I just called to say I love you” and I’m like “I love you too baby”  and we hung up and I felt all nice cuz he called [ I am such a girl] and he does stuff like that all the time. I mean he picks up my phone calls, no matter how late and we usually have a sync, were we know when each other is calling, we’re pretty connected. I mean right now it just happened twice. So anyhow I ruled out that he was cheating and it’s clear that he doesn’t wanna separate. He specifically told me today. Because on his break at work he calls me and he’s like “I am so happy with you, and I love you, and this and that” just really sweet stuff. So I went back to the idea that he was cheating. Well…he definitely had to do SOMETHING wrong right? Well later on I went to his work cuz I just felt like it and I got there right when they had finished. I even parked next to his car without knowing it and I saw him outside with his boss. They were talking [ he loves his boss, and I know his boss, he’s the sweetest man in the world] and so I didn’t want to disturb them so I asked him [in a txt] if he could see me, and he came to where I was….i didn’t even know he was going to do that, I was completely in another planet when he’s suddenly right next me…it was weird. Then I was like “you’re done?” and he said yes and he offered to take me back home [or follow me home is more like it…cuz I do drive now] and so he did to make sure I got home safely and when we were home I asked him again the whole thing and he said that I had heard him right but that I misinterpreted it. He meant to say that I shouldn’t cheat on him, or disrespect him just so that I could get with that other guy, to just say straight out “this isn’t working” so we can end it the right, honest way. [and mind you he said this whole guy thing like 2 months ago] and anyways he said that that’s what a couple should do , that even though he doesn’t want our relationship to end, he’s not going to hold a gun to my head if I wanted out, that’s what he’s basically saying, and that it applies to him as well. [ I should provably mention he’s been cheated on very badly before….and worse, it was right before me.] so he was trying to make things clear when we 1st started going out [and he said really sweet things, like that all he ever wants to do when he gets him is call me, the first thing he thinks about is me, and how that’s all he ever wants to do, is be with me but how we have goals in place and he doesn’t want to be unrealistic about our relationship] but he hugged me and he kissed me and he told me how much he loved me and he’s just like “it’ll be okay, everything will work out, but you have goals, and I have goals and when I envisioned those goals I never saw myself with someone as great as you, I thought I’d be alone, but when I saw you I knew I couldn’t let you get away..” and it was so sweet….he was just so sweet tonight, so incredibly lovable. I think that since I’ve been distant [and he knows] he’s been wanting to fill the distance between us more and more rapidly. Like he doesn’t want us distanced and we both fell it [I tell you we’re synced] when something isn’t right.



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