What I'm Avoiding

18 Aug

Grasshoper on Orchid

i think what am i NOT avoiding is more the question! Ha ha. Let me tell you the story of my life….

ok well i guess i WAS avoiding a lot of things…now i am doing better. Earlier this summer my goal was to get a new job ASAP and it took me the whole summer to actually do it, not because it was hard [although it is def. not easy] and not because i had no options, and not because i couldn't find a listing, and not because i was handicapped…basically i had NO reason to be avoiding it like the plague. However, i am now glad i did because i found SUCH great and rewarding job. Oh my goodness…how awesome is my job? like i cant believe it awesome. its is HARD work, but rewarding? Oh yes. i have benefits [unheard off in my last company] i have people who make it feel welcoming and wonderful every day i go to work, i have my bearings to finally go into law…i feel as if waiting, was just the right thing to do.

and a few days ago [before i got this job, before i applied for the interview, before when i hated my life…] i was leaving my last job, i got into my car and there was this grasshopper on my windshield….i had NO idea he was there until i was already on the road, so i drove as carefully as i could and the whole time he was just there looking at me not moving…so i thought he was dead, but then he moved and held on the WHOLE time i drove home. When i did get home he simply got off my windshield and went on the hood of my car while i got out of the car and i went to go get it to keep it as a pet and he just flew away. Next thing i know i am getting ALL kinds of good luck. i found this job, i felt great, i was exercising, i was all kinds of happy. The last time that i ever saw a grasshopper was back in the place i used to live, one time i had to go get an operation and while being driven to the hospital my mom noticed a grasshopper on the ball of the antenna of the car, and she thought he'd just jump off when we started the car, but no..he stayed till we got to the hospital, THEN he jumped off and my mom caught it. My operation lasted a mere 20 mins, it went SO smoothly and the expected recovery time was a week, and i recovered almost immediately. My grasshopper by my side. Then one fine day i let him go during the spring time. Then next spring my brother found a grasshopper exactly the same as the one i had, so we kept it and it died. Then this year, when i saw the one on the windshield i was just freaked out. He wasn't green like the others, he was brown so before he left my car, i made sure to apologize for the last one that died JUST IN CASE they were like cousins or something. He left and just the other day i see tiny little grasshoppers frolicking in the grass. Today i was in the pool with my bf [who happens to have fake proposed to me ….a diff story] and one of the babies went into the water and i rushed my bf to the place he was at and told him to take the hopper out [i don't like touching them….no offense its just the sudden movements they make] and we were able to save the grasshopper….

so my mom sent me this email saying the meanign of these creatures in one's life…and it just FITS….some even see it as the reincarnation of a loved one…i mean i still believe everything happens for a reason, but if it is in fact the reincarnation of someone..well…i thank you for always being there at JUST the exact moment 🙂

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