Hola. Long time no talk.

9 Aug

Omg. its that time of the month again….personal story time!

The other day i was looking through my collection of diaries…a huge one i may add. [i counted, there are 7 diaries in total]

All my hard copies ;p

Well..i was looking through them and i am very organized, i have one for just about every year of my life ha ha. Mostly i have diaries for the years throughout highshool, one of them is a fake diary [because my mom had a period of looking through my diaries so i made a fake one] and one i got in like 5th grade and its funny to re read it but its got nothing of real content and then there’s the current one, for college 🙂

i really love going back through these diaries, there were sooo many memories in my life that i have forgotten and of course i get reminded of instantly just by looking at the pictures or by reading a precious entry. Its something really special for me.

Back when i was 17 i believe i feel in love for the first time, hard. He didn’t just trip me…he freaking knocked me down on the ground. Anyways…this guy was just horrible for me in every sense of the word. I mean he was great in general, if you were his friend not his gf. He didn’t care about anyone but himself and well like i said i feel in love completely and i thought i was going to be with him for the rest of my life and we did something one day that is a sin in most places, but we did it.  IT just so happens that we got caught doing it..man..when they say there is a time and place for everything..they don’t lie…..anyways, the cop was nice enough to let us go Scot free with one condition, our parents pick us up. Yeah…what a great night that was.

anyways, never saw that guy again. Either way, i was reading about him in my diary and at the time i wrote that i was lsitening to Fantasia’s Truth is

and i went to look it up today because i didn’t remember why i was so sad in that entry, now i get it. But Another thing that i found was that when i was younger i always had a thing about quotes, and i remember doing a couple pages just full of quotes, and some are very relivant today.

“in every girl’s life there’s a guy that she will never forget and the summer where it all began”

” Doesn’t your first love mean, almost by definition, that there will be another?”

“life isn’t about the rules you break but about the risks you take”

“men play the game, women know the score”

” a girl and a boy can be friends but at one point or another they will fall for each other, maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late, or maybe forever”

” he that is born to be hanged, will never be drowned.”

” fate laughs at probabilities”

here is another one of my favorite songs of that awkward 17 stage ;p

basically, i think that everything has a time and place and that you write your own stories. Fate can only help you after you have done all you can.


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