When I realized I was a grown-up: Costco Card

3 Aug

All my 20 years REALLY suck in when i got a Costco membership with my boyfriend. He put me down as his spouse and we told everyone we had gotten married at Costco. He's been calling me "wifey" ever since. We celebrated with Costco's low priced huge slice of pizza and a hot dog for him, and after a wonderful reception filled with free samples, we were off the the honeymoon….the drive home. When we got to my house, we proudly flashed the elusive Costco plastic gold member card at my mom and said that we were a proud married couple. That whole day we kept making cracks at each other. my mom asked if we were looking for apartments, i replied with a smart "well, we ARE married now…" remark and my "hubby" replied with a VERY smart "is that why you've stopped shaving your legs" remark. Yes, he experienced his first "sleep in the couch" statement. Either way i realized that Costco was a first step. Apartment the next…we are moving forward whether we want to or not. its no longer spring break and summer jobs, its serious now. Its grown up time.

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