My first job: food service

2 Aug

i used to work in this mom & pop coffee shop and it was just so wonderfull. i made tons of extra cash that i saved up and used to buy my brother a PSP for his b-day. He had been wanting one since forever. He even got a fake one out of the cereal box and thought he had one for sure. So i have him a real one since he took such great care of his fake one. [he always kept it in the box, clean and safe] He's always been meticulous about things which i'm happy about, its such a great habit to have. So this job was wonderful, my boos was the best! i had a GREAT schedule, complete menu freedom [meaning everything on the menu was mine whenever i wanted it]. Unfortunately i met a guy there and he ended up being the worst guy for me ever, but i fell in love. The inevitable happened, and lets just say i dont see him anymore now. His dad owned the coffee shop, rent went up and they couldnt pay it. So the place closed down. It is now a different coffee shop owned by someone else. However, i had a great summer working there when i was 17.

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