Love Letter

14 Jun

Hi hun…what a weekend huh? Lets do a recap since we do this like…every weekend.

8 months ago a young couple , lets call them dai-son and Vin-son had a first date….things were fine. He was part of the illusive IT club, and she..a small island girl. No one thought it possible…but just as the night was ending, and she had finally found that damn star in the middle of the light polluted The block, something happened…that changed their lives forever…..They went inside a bookstore.

Vin-son allegedly claims that it was Dai-son’s first initiative that caught him, when she allegedly took his hand to lead him in, and not letting go after a while. While following her alleged buttwaves to popular books, vin-son caught Dai-son’s interests…..they had been talking for a month or so now, known each other longer, they both had significant others, yet here they were…in a small bookstore, going to a small dinner, and watching a small time movie that had scared her to death.

Nah. She though….it couldn’t happen. They were like….apples and oranges….as different as the left side and right side of the brain….but, destiny had it in for them. Somewhere in the sky, someone had pushed them together and once the illusive IT club finally got the hint [took a couple of computers breaking, but he finally got it] someone in a pink cloud above, said “perfect”.

Then….there were two.

DATE two that is.

Thus the “beach scene” happened.

As if from a movie…the two main characters, a boy and a girl, came in. Beach towel in hand, smore’s in the bag, and a sweet sunrise a head, the two drove up in a Honda civic, color: green. And as they left this perfect date, the night turned somber, they knew that it wasn’t going to happen and they knew that it wouldn’t be true. Happiness doesn’t just fall into your lap like this. So they got into the car, and were about to go, when the ticket for parking got stuck. OH, no. what to do? They scrambled and gathered, one tried to get it, the other one gave it a go, but it wasn’t until both of them tried that that ticket came loose. That was when they looked at each other and gave a shy laugh.

Oh what to say…as if the countless nights on skype weren’t enough, as if the ritualistic waiting for 12:00 to say the first “hello” of the day wasn’t a warning, as if the poems and illustrations weren’t a huge sign…they were still left speechless.

They knew it was wrong, their decision hard, but the hardest part was yet to come. Their love, was about to be tested.

The once in a lifetime comet came to earth, and they just had to go. He never let go of her hand, she never wanted him to. They searched everywhere for parking, the perfect spot. And finally found one in an empty lot. It was amazing, the night soon to become something that would make up their mind for them. It was him, it was her and it was the stars. Right where Charlinda meets Target, right where he knew this was it, and she could no longer deny her feelings anymore.

They knew what they needed to do, and at 3 in the morning, as they headed home, they knew that the next morning, left worries ashore. But what to do? They had professed love, the two. And once they came together it was as if nothing else was around them, and nothing else mattered.

From that moment on, together they were. There were trials and issues and even more wonderful moments. They had Vegas and birthdays, they had sack boy and books, they had Plants Vs. Zombies and picnics and lunches and the most amazing Cuban coffee she had had.

Then month 8 quickly approached. The lion king, finally. They hadn’t been this excited since the mystery show, and finally it was all hakina matata and banh bao from here.

But the story doesn’t end…next weekend…there’s more :]

Love you babe. Your PIC forever.

Me ❤


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