Only a day

9 Jun

There is but one way to live life

Someone told me a while ago

It is as though tomorrow isnt for sure

And if there is nothing I do in the future

This is the one thing, I want to uphold.

If it isnt broke

I don’t need to fix it

If it is shattered

Then there isnt a reason

Why should I hurt myself putting together

Something that so easily fell?

If it is light, don’t think about rain

If it is dark don’t think to be afraid

I don’t want to be the girl that just eats


Without dressings

Or beats

I want that extra large pizza

All toppings included

To myself and that guy

Who lives so secluded.

I want to be there

I want to learn

So that when my siblings grow up

The road will be more

I want daisies in my garden

So that on those days when the light inevitably turns into rain

I can once again be reminded

Of my little saying

The journey we take

Though long, and many a way

Still does require

One to take a first step

It requires to trod

It requires a thought

It requires some movement

So, I dare you to run.


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