Just something i wrote.

1 May

I sat in my car today wondering about you

It was there that my vast yesterday took hold

And I was thinking what was next for us two

We were young, we were fools

I went for ice cream, you loved math rules

And somehow


Someone once said

Just a little of something

Just off the distant


Was it you? Was it me?

Was it destiny?

I remember we talked,

There were laughs

Were there moments?

Yes, with the stars.

There were beaches, there was music

We discussed everything from politics to favorite bands

And remember that after every date

We would notice the car seats, always so full of sand?

It was funny, oh so fun

I still had my ice cream, and you had your math

And now, half a year that has passed,

I can say, that every moment has been like that

Promise I made:

“Much much better, than the last.


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