It is never about us WOMEN.

30 Apr

I am SO damn tired of the WOMEN Vs. Men dilemma.

I am SO damn tired of women being looked down upon, women being discriminated against, being sexists against, all because Men have always lacked the damn restraint to keep it in their fukin pants.

That is why a pretty girl will not get hired at a car dealership as a desk consultant – her crime? She was pretty and the manager [a man never the less] was afraid all the guys would come over and talk to her instead of working. Sure he didn’t SAY it so the girl, that is a clear discrimination, but hey….he didn’t hire her either. A person who was FULLY qualified.

and you know what?

this is my favorite…..

if he would have hired her, she’d be getting less for having ovaries over balls.


What is this?

Is this not the so called “America” i have heard SO much grandeur about? Is this not the land of the free? Do we not now have a “HOPEfull president?

Yeah…another man, but at least a step up from the asshole we choose TWICE.

Recently, my boyfriend showed me a video game he’d thought I’d like [because I want to go into the field of law] that was in fact, about law. A great game, I totally think so, but one in which there is a “rookie” lawyer [aka the underpaid women for the same exact work] and a top notch lawyer [aka, the OVER paid guy for the same work, plus sleeping around] . The game, I believe, consists of this awesome hunky looking MALE lawyer solving REALLY hard to solve crimes, of course, and in the trailer, for that one and a half second that the “rookie lawyer” is shown…..[rookie being all that I CAN ever hope to be, of course…] she is shown as a gorgeous lady, with a REALLY tight MINI dress on that has a v-shaped [almost to her belly button] neckline that shows her double D’s clearly for the court and jury to witness and GAWK at. Yes…very nice depiction. Oh her face? I don’t remember because all you really see is her body…because women..are just bodies….we have no face, we are just boobs or asses.

Next time you see a beer commercial….look at the women, that will inevitably be there, and tell me exactly what you see….I can guarantee that 99% of the time, it won’t be her face.

However when the glorious MEN are advertised…all we see is their face. if its a calvin klein commercial….yeah, we see the body and the underwear, but the face is there….Victoria secret commercial….the face is HARDLY noticeable.

so let me get this straight

Women, who work TWICE as hard in life, also by irony, have it twice as difficult? because i mean last time i checked, men didnt get pregnant, men didn’t give birth, men didn’t take care of babies as much as women, according to the Custodial Mothers and Fathers and Their Child Support: 2007 released by the census bureau in 2009 86% of single parents, are women. I’m not saying by any means that men do not care for children, but its women who birth and raise most. And i know what men are going to say about this “we are the breadwinners”

Really? because last time i checked, i go to college, i drive my car, i get my car fixed, i put gas, oil, anti freeze, and any OTHER fluids my car may need in my car, i KNOW how to change a tire, i know how to change the oil, i pay my own bills, i work, and I BUY MY OWN GOD DAMN BREAD.

That I don’t get help. An absolute lie. i AM helped. you know why? because ,my MOTHER makes sure that i am well fed, well clothed, well rested, well taken care of. and my boyfriend of course helps a lot. but my car? me, my work? me, my education? me. It all falls on my lap.

yet i am expected, by some fukin societal norm, to grow up, have kids, take care of kids, take care of house, work, breastfead for a year, work some more, maybe till 5-6 pm, keep on working, drive, put on billions of dollars of make up a year, work out, try not to get breast cancer, keep on taking care of kids even when they are well over 18, keep on working, cook breakfast lunch and dinner everyday for my husband, and maybe, at some EVENTUAL age, retire.

but i get paid less, i get treated with less respect, i get discriminated against [because god forbid some guy at a car dealership who got high up his corporate ladder thinks i am even REMOTELY good looking.]

all i want to know is…when did MEN think they could rule the world?

References, in case men want to add some kinda comment, i suggest they look at this.

Single Mother Info:

Depiction of women in Video Game:

Woman’s Pay:

If you need any more convincing of how incredibly UNFAIR it is for women, just look around.


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