Things to do

26 Apr

This day and age we are so consumed by our computers, gaming systems, school, work, then work, and school kids, family [ i can go on…] etc. That we hardly seem to do anything outside of our comfort zone. Well, i have worries and troubles just like the next guy, but i also have an anti-boring mentality, that is to say that i do not want to fall into a routine of anything. I try and do things differently everyday, and it really helps me cope with everyday stresses and even deeper stress [like money issues, you name it.] so I’ve compiled a list of things to do to change it up a bit.

first of all, you need to know what you have to do and then you can play around with that, because you cant just decide to skip work for example, that is something that you HAVE to do, so if you HAVE to do and you WILL have to do it for a while, then why not make the best of it?

1- Work: To make the best of your boring work routine, then i suggest to have a little imagination [you know that thing we were told not to have after entering high school…if you don’t remember, look it up in, they will help you out. ] basically this is the easiest step you can take. It can be as simple as taking a different route, or as complex as getting wigs and wearing a different one everyday. What i personally do, is that i have a coworker whom i work with, and she is an older lady and i am a younger one and so our generations clash, to say the least, however she is open minded. So for this, you have to maintain a certain level of open minded-ness. I think of a topic and while working i discuss it with her. We have discussed everything, from politics, to relationships, to psychology, and during our ten minute break, we sometimes will google uncertainties we have. This keeps me guessing as to what opinions she may have every single day and as to what else i will learn, because life, is a continuous information machine, you never stop learning, and the most fun way to do so, is to learn from others. Soemthing simple that i particularly love is that instead of drinking coffee in the morning, i have an apple, because believe it or not, and apple has just the same amount of sugars and caffine a coffee would, and you dont crash later. That is not to say that i do not like my cup of joe, but try it out and see!

2-What to do about stress: Stress appears in everyday life, and i am tempted to say every moment, but there are a lot of ways to deal with it and some are more effective then others. i am NO expert, but i find that was has worked for me is the anti-bored mentality, because simply put if you are bored, you will think, and if you think, you will think of a stressing factor thus getting stressed, so i try to be as less bored as possible. to do so, i have taken up poetry, photoshop [meaning i mess around with colors and then call it “Art”], knitting, crotchetting, singing [in the car], and will next be taking up jogging.

3Mental Boredness: ever feel like you have dwell so far into your routine that you feel as if nothing stimulates your brain anymore? no spark, almost like you KNOW everything, yet you know there is something missing. Well, you are mentally bored, you shut off every stimulus you can to just get through your day, provably downing a few Monsters too. Well there is this great thing that all the “cool” colleges are doing, and that is offering FREE online classes. yep, for GRATIS, NADA, ZIP, ZILCH, as in NO DINERO NEEDED. Of course, there is a downside, these classes do not count as anything, you cannot get credit for them, it doesn’t go towards a degree or anything, but i mean its like no obligation really. you can decide when you ditch class, when you pay attention, IF you wanna take notes or not, and if you feel like buying the book, not just that, put in just a little effort, and you might just learn something to tell all your friends about. Regaining your mentality back. my favorite online classes [for free] are from Berkeley[click on /courses] but many schools are “getting hip” to this idea and here they are listed.

4- Kids– one phrase: family game night. Seriously…works wonders.

5-Relationship: while i am absolutely no expert on this topic, i have had my most successful relationship yet. I think that this is for many reasons. When we fight, neither of us just storms off, eventually after we get all the steam out we have to sit down and talk, the sooner this happens, the sooner we can go back to making out [ and he knows it], also we have little silly dates, like one time we went to target, got a $10 dollar game called “in a pickle” and just played it in the park, on the grass for like 2 hours trying to make the most creative phrases [the best one: there was a religious scandal in kindergarden about juice], one time he surprised me by taking me to “the melting pot” restaurant, where your whole dinner is rotated around fondue. sounds weird, but it is amazing [expensive though]. Also, when we feel really stressed, like we haven’t seen each other for ages and ppl will just not leave us alone, we go to his car, hop into the back seat where a nice, warm blanket awaits us and some snacks we picked up earlier. We sit her, basting in each others delight just talking about work, any weekend plan, and things we have to do. We also resolve a lot of issues that would become problems this way. and sometimes…you really just need a little romance.

6- Me time: there is no time, like me time, and no i do not mean go get a “frappe” at McDonald…..because in no way is a frappe like “me time”. There is no better joy in my life, than discovering new books. i Do this with my amazon Kindle. i REALLY love this little gadget. if you aren’t too fond of Amazon, there are other E-book readers like the Nook, and the Sony reader, but the amazon has the 3g wireless [literally you could read, browse and download books off the net from ANYWHERE, even in airplanes, Europe, Australia, Bangladesh, it matters not.] i have just recently discovered a great book [an is now a movie] called Blindness by Jose Saramago. Just read it, or look it up, it is a most intriguing read. i cant even put it into words. i do my hobbies in my own time, and meticulously, every night i try to quiet my brain by thinking of something great, a memory or thought that is happy and good, just moments before i go to sleep. Helps me wake up refreshed. other than that, i do indulge in the occasional Red velvet cake every once in a while, and the unbeatable cup of joe when i realize that those 8 o’clock classes really ARE too early for me, i create with my computer, i create with my words, i create with my art supplies, and i love every minute of it that i can catch. If that isn’t enough, even i indulge in a PSP game here and there [my favorite right now: little big planet] and i let the earth wind and fire take care of the rest.


3 Responses to “Things to do”

  1. ethan April 27, 2010 at 4:28 PM #

    love u


  2. Ethan April 28, 2010 at 10:54 PM #

    omg omg omg..i finish reading a book.


    • frenchfwries April 29, 2010 at 6:07 PM #

      well congrats, you can add a “one” now to your list of books you’ve read. so proud, so proud


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