No fake Friends here….

16 Apr

Oh Em Gee.

Gosh, i love my peeps, but some just fiddle me the wrong f-ing way. Flippin A. It’s Anh’s b-day and Em and Trish and thao all want to take her to a club to go clubbing.

Sound good no?

YEah, in retrospect. But i cant go because this club is 21+ and i mean, i’m just not there yet. Not quite 21. i mean almost, almost. but not there and so i was asking around for a fake ID, and like my friends are very nice, and not fake friends that say things like “sure sure, i’ll ask my boyfriends Ex-con friend that got convicted for identity theft to make you one” i mean, they are good friends that say simply “daina. i swear to god you do this and you will die. i will personally go over there and kick your ass. I know where you live. beware”

But my second to oldest friend, is all like, you dont need one, you are young, and even if you had one, you look like a kid they wouldnt believe it. and i’m like….gee. Thanks.

Yes, its true, a waitress once asked my BF if he wanted a kids menu for me, and i was like….no. you idiot little skank. no.

But that was one time, you would think it would just go under embarrassing stories of my best friend…but she decided to post on facebook this.

Thanks BFF, thanks.

Anyways, i told her that i am a goody too-shoes and would like to do something edgy for once in my life, and she was like……..”no you’re not”

as if saying “who the hell are you kidding? you..good? in what world?”

so. i replied. in anger….

“omg yes i remember that, that lady was like, stupid in the head or something. Seriously. i cannot believed she actually asked my BOYFRIEND if he needed a kids meal for me, my BF, geesh. Embarrassing. Any who, Claris, i AM too a goody too-shoes. i mean when have i ever been outta my comfort zone? like, never. we cannot say that i have EVER been to a club, i mean that one time for my bday doesn’t count bc it was the worst 18+ club ever. They restrict the music you can dance to, the fee is so damn high, AND don’t get me started on drinks. its like, WHY go out? the girls look like sluts, like 18 year old girls running around in a SHIRT, because you cannot call that a dress, and fukin perverted boys trying to get them in bed, i mean, that is anything BUT a good time. aside from that, i was never into drinking, and never into drugs. i mean, that’s a basic good girl. i never went to a make out party, i never did “7 minutes in heaven” i never even bought lingerie until i was like seriously in love with someone. i even prefer boy shorts to thongs. Geesh. i know that a 21+ club inst going to change too much, i mean the drinks will be pricey and the cover charge too, but ppl will be better and  more mature and you can go anywhere the hell you want. its nice to have that freedom. I say if people can die for a country at the mere age of 18, why not be allowed to DANCE? ”

For the Mother F-ing Record she obviously keeps track of. Being a so holy Virgin, doesnt make you good, just naive. So sex should not be held against me, it is not a sin, get over it.

Plus she aint so innocent on that topic either.

The fact that i never attended a make out party: true.

drinks i’ve had in my whole lifetime: provably about five.

Do i know the diff between moral and immoral: yes

do i think ethically: as a future psychologist, i cannot think otherwise.

have i been clubbing: one horrible time in a horrible club

Have i ever done drugs: no

Have i ever been enticed to do drugs: yes, everyone gets asked at one point, whether its direct or not.

the effect of me saying no to drugs: the fact that i was never invited to another part again. so i mean, for a teenager, whose friends mean everything to them, i would say i did pretty damn well.

i am not a rebel anymore [i had my stage] and i have never ever risked any behavior. i mean, a fake id…isnt that big of a deal, even the punishment doesnt suck, so i mean, they gotta know which fight ti pick my friends, but i appreciate what their opinion is

and have talked about it with the bf and we both dont think its a good idea. Plus, there is always next year. When i am of legal age to go dance.

because god forbid i shake my groove thing before the magical age of 21.


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