Oh mommy.

1 Apr

Let me explain

This body

This temple

Which you are to inspect.

My marks are my life

Each comes with a story

You deal with the fact

That It gives me some glory.

I have a mark on my shoulder

From the time I was 8

A bully that caught my surprise

My brother went out in my stride.

There’s three on my neck

Where beauty marks should’ve been

They come from when I put

Vanity in vain

There’s one on my chin

And it will never decease

Because its from which

I decided love should exist

There’s one on my belly

Right under the button

It’s the mark that makes

Every women a mother

These marks are my life

Have changed me forever

These marks give me hope

To never say never

They are not fatal

Or with desire

They make me stronger

And raise my stakes higher

Its ok to be a mom

Its ok to have these marks

The  media cannot insist

That some surgery will fix this

What is wrong with being a mom?

Wearing a size bigger than in highschool.

What’s wrong with getting old?

The media makes the “mommy look” uncool.

But who are they made up of?

Are they not mom themselves?

Do they not have respect

For what we cherished in the glory days?

Don’t listen

Don’t worry

They mirror doesn’t lie

It really is alright.


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