this space is white

26 Mar

Dear forever white space

I like the way that you speak my name

Its soft and angelic

With hanging white chocolate

Ready to taste

Forever, empty white space

Do tell me the stories in vain

Do lend me the secrets

Forever you hold

Do tell me my dear

The stories you’re told

Its funny, forever white space

How galaxies sway

Its funny to see

The spaces between

And in those humanistic relationships

The rarest of all

Its funny to see

The things that withhold

And yet even better it is

To see the ones that do break

Why is it so

Forever white space?

I cannot fathom the spaces of color

Those reds are so bold

The blues yonder and somber

The  eyes of the green

Glare straight back at me

And don’t let me see

The purplish sins

But sometimes I see

A white space collide

And from such audacities

Rainbows arise

If only for a little while

If only to quickly subside.


2 Responses to “this space is white”

  1. slpmartin March 26, 2010 at 8:32 PM #

    Enjoyed this poem…so clever!


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