Desktop Cleaup

26 Feb

Yep todays topic sucks.

Week in review:

i need to do:


Clean up my desktop

Find a good [better] job

make bf calendar of our events

do nots for psych, chem and bio

study for test

call clarissa and have her set up a bloggie

finish the scarf i need to finish for bf

bot mostly, my taxes

oh- oil change for my car.


Yep. Interesting i know. So far the good thing is that we’ve done awesome activities for my bio class so i mean we went to the san diego wild animal park, thats one down and three to go. It was very exciting. i luff my bf.

although i had a bad dream this early morning where he ate my cookie 😦 bad bf, bad.

well. Enjoy the weekend.

D  Out.



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