There is no cloud, like cloud Nine.

22 Feb


I was young and wondering about

Looking at all the around

I looked up at the sky

As night came about


As they passed by

I vaguely remember clouds one and two

They were fun to look at, fluffy and cute

But I remember little, they did not fill a whole page in my book.


Clouds three and four

Had a bit more

It was a few pages of stories

Of sick puppy love


Then came cloud five

Stormed right inside!

It was fun while it lasted

But it was too blind.


Then with cloud six

There was ease

The moments always a breeze

It was sad that it had to be so brief.


Cloud seven was my lucky number

I thought, as teens often convey.

The bigger the cloud, the better the rain

But who wants such rain on a sunny day?


Cloud Eight was supposed to be it

No more after that

I had seen so many clouds

That I had a headache in fact.


But then there was you

You stole me away

And let no other clouds

Stand in your way


My dear you are my cloud nine

And there I sit inside

I need not to look any longer at the night time sky

For all the stars that I need, are right in your eyes.


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