HI babe [my response to my bfs message]

12 Feb

Hello babe, i am dying to go to sleep right now, but i am watching project runway and waiting for it to be 11 oclock, while waiting for you to get home so i can take my medication.

well what can i say, i love your little note that you left here, i would also not take even a second back form our life so far together, yes…after ALL THESE YEARS lol

oh man babe, seriously….i cannot belive that so many people are named like two names….Marie Claire….and then i remember how you made me promise we would never do that to our kids lol. true dat babe.

so yeah, that movie “valentiens day” sooooooooooo dont want to see it, geesh.

yes this week has been amazing babe, and even more because you wrote me this cute little letter…which is now public for the world to see lol.

and yes i was being naughty…and you liked it it, a lot…lol two hours, it was not a whole two hours, i did manage some sleep. but man, our little cuban coffee session, was…grand. rowr.

anyways, i feel so darn sick 😦 i mean it just kind of comes and goes i realy cant wait for the pills to start taking effect.

i cant wait till you see the awesome stuff i got you for v-day, i cant wait for our awesome dinner at the fracais place, cannnnnot wait, i still cant believe you did that. I mean its amazzing how you would find a place that you knew would wow me just because i love the french culture so much….aww.

ytou saw our awesome little book of memories today, and i think you really liked it. To tell you the truth i was going to wait until our one year in order to give you the book back but nooooo you jsut grabbed it, grrr….its ok. i still love you. Muah.

oh man it was so amazing how you were making a lsit of the stuff we have done already and how i had already MADE a list ha ha ha….good times. Man…one step ahead of you baby, one step ahead. Muah Muah Muah

i love youuuuuuuuusss.

muah, cant waut till our 4th month tom. Muah. misses you


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