A note my Bf left on my bloggers

11 Feb

Hi bunnie.  This is your soul mate. You know, the one you were “fated” to meet after years of searching.  Well guess what? you found him.  Now lets see if we can last the five year our “promise”/”contract”  state. 

Anyway this is a summery of our week together.   Umm..let me see..for the past few days, you have been sick.  So I asked my awesome cool boss to let me take an awesome cool half day to take you to the dreaded doctor.  Dum dum dum…it turn out..you have tonsiatis..tonsilatis..tons..thingy….so anyway, after the dreaded news from dr awesome cool man, we went to frozen yogurt to get some awesome cool …ahem..yogurt.  After our adventures (aka errands) * we both retired to your house in which we settle down to eat nice golden McNugget.  And how can I forget, those nice “sliders” from McDonald.

After which  I took a 2 hour nap in which you did…sniff sniff ..things to me..sniff sniff.  I feel so violated…in a naughty way.  I sooo…can’t believe you did that. For two hours hunnie…two hours….man….two hours….can you believe it was for two hours?  You naughty little cuban girlfriend.  Once you successfully “woke” me up, we drank some cuban coffee. 

Ahem.  Cuban coffee.  School girl.  Teacher.  Stars.  Smore.  In case you’re wondering babe, these are things that described our every day life.  Yeah its pretty hectic from time to time but I’ll be lying if I say I didn’t enjoy it one bit.  It rock.  Your sock off.  Oh yeah..I got you some awesome cool slipper with your initial D on it.  Who’s a good boyfriend? I am.  Muah x 10.

Kick you.  Sigh.  That’s all you say to me.  After all these years of marriage..all I hear is ..Hunnie..harder..then..kick you…sigh.  We were so naive…so young…so innocent.  I’m sooo going to tell our kids that you took away my virginity..lol…like a million time.  Ice cream and cake, ice cream and cake cake cake.

Oh yeah.  Tomorrow is our 4th month anniversary. I know..you’re surprise right? omg me too.  Don’t forget, on Saturday, we have that dinner dance event with your parent.  And on Sunday, which is also chinese new year, we have a party at my house then dinner at 7:30 at this fancy dancy place.


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