Breakfast on a friday night ^^

5 Feb

Breakfast ona  friday night… just what i am going to do today with the Bf…..cant wait. i jsut LOVE breakfast on a friday night….omigosh it rocks my socks, it is like the ULTIMATE non conformance…

been reading this book called Veracity, and it is BOMB, everyone should read it. its on my kindle and i cant really give you the auther because i forgot, but it JUST cam eout like in January of 2010, so that should narrow it down a bit.

missing my boyfriend, although he’s been very naighty lately. He keep slying to me about the dumbest things, like he gets me a gift, and i swear i am the most gullible gf ever bc i believe his every word, and i mean i have always been like that its not as if i could change it, so anyways, he tells me he got me a certain “toy” and he’s excited about it coming in, and all that and i ask what kinda toy, he tells me something sexual so i think its s sexual type of toy…right? wouldnt you? no, turns out to be a bracelet. yeah….the most innocent of things…adn it makes me soooo mad, bc i asked my boss and everything about this toy because supposedly he had asked my boss about it and she had said she would like it if he gave it to her, and so not only did i make an ass of my self, bc i had told her it was a sexual toy, but then he like starts cracking up…it makes me so mad, and he did it twice today, he said he got me something sexy for me for vday, soemthing i can wear, and i think its lingerie….but no, apparently its not. idk what it is yet, but i think its gotta be edible. or whatever, but the point is he completely mislead me, and i believed him and now i’m pissed. so i told him it makes me feel like an idiot when he does that, and he apalogized and i’m glad we’re on the same page, but i’m still mad-ish i mean what else has he lied about?



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