Weird dream

2 Feb

Oh man, I had a freaky dream today. It was so weird. Apparently our country was being run by Aliens and there was this ship and I told everyone to get on board and help me fight them off with their specialized seats made up with guns and everything. My boyfriend was there and my aunt and my grandpa, weirdly enough.

The thing is that I was really weak, I don’t know If there was some part of me missing like a leg or something, but I was really weak, they told me not to fight but I went on anyways. While we were lifting off, my aunt told me something funny, she said that she had hoped we had used the restroom before leaving because you can’t battle aliens on a full bladder, anyways I had to go to the restroom so we had to stop at an alien and human safe zone the aliens had built and my grandpa came inside with me to help me get into the restroom that looked like it was the guys room because the decals were so weird.

Anyways I flooded the toilet and everyone was looking at me so I had to go grab a plunger and un flood it but it didn’t work that way weirdly enough, so I just left. Hey I tried. And then I found my grandpa outside waiting for me on the ground. He looked really young, but in this scene he looked as if like had aged him 50 years. So we went back to the ship and my dream ended….i have absolutely NO idea where this dream came from…..weird.


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