a semi-perfect us

2 Feb

I remember that day that you asked me out

We had been friends for quite a while

It was a long night like always

When we talked till dawn

And you asked me to see

A movie with thee


You played it so cool

Even when I had said no

And asked me again the next day

Until I had finally said “well ok”


You knew I was taken

Having fun with my guy

I knew you weren’t single

But still we went out that night.


We laughed and we ate

Having a blast

We saw the one movie

That scared me outta my socks


Then we went home that night

Feelings were tight

And wondering  why

We felt so alive


The next week again

You asked me out to play

We went to the beach

And saw all those things


We had packed some s’mores

Making memories as we drove

Out to the beach

That perfect date scene


And I looked at you

Asked you how you felt

And you held my hand

And said that only I could tell.


I remember blushing just then

My heart swept away

It was surprising to see

Your feelings for little old me.


I remember thinking

“could this be the guy”

And I said hey why not….

Lets give him a try.


From an outsiders perspective

I guess you could say

That we had it all

To begin paving the way.


And thing really were great

But lately, I have been meaning to say

That we’re being kind of weird

With all of the fighting and tears


I kind of want to shut off my phone

Turn off the computer

Close the door

And have you leave me alone.


I don’t get why we’re fighting

Don’t know why your mad

I think it’s a big waste of time

Wish you would see that.


I want it all to be fine

Just as it was

But suddenly it seems

So far back in the past.



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