Summer Luv

30 Jan

When I was younger, in 9th grade, I needed to take P.E as a course in summer school in order to add a class to my schedule for sophomore year, so I took P.E thinking it was going to be the absolute worst class ever, but I ended up falling in love with a guy named Efren. I also had a crush on this guy named Eric but although he liked me back, he never said anything because from day one, Efren had my heart. Anyways, this was not puppy love, I thought this was true, real love. The kind I was FINALLY going to have. High aspirations for a teen eh?


Efren and I spent the whole summer together, and eventually he did end up getting closer and closer to me. He never told me he liked me until the very last day of school, but he held my hand once and acted as if we were dating. He was the most wonderful thing in the world. I remember he had this old school ipod which was really cool back then, because his passion was music, just as much as acting, and so he had tons of songs, and I would just sit there with him, and we’d listen away to a bunch of hits.
I also remember Eric, and see now he would’ve been a much better choice, but my friend Vanessa liked him and I of course liked Efren, and endless triangle here.

So one day, I remember that Vanessa and I were jogging the track, well…pretending to, while Efren and Eric come up and actually start jogging. Vanessa and I both had our ice packs [which we melted and drank] in our hands and so eventually when they lapped us the guys would come to each of us and ask for ice. Efren, came to me. I wouldn’t give him any ice and so he carried me and held me there until I did, I thought it was just amazingly sweet. But the best moment we ever shared happened next, when the sprinklers came on, he jogged and ran towards them with me in his arms while I screamed “no no you better not get me wet!” and so he turned around last minute and the sprinklers only caught him. I thought it was the single sweetest thing a guy has ever done on a sweet worry free summer day. And all that started my summer love. From then on we became inseparable, except I always found something odd, he never asked me to be his gf. But it didn’t matter, I knew that it was unlikely to happen since the following year I would be switching to another highschool and wouldn’t see him again….most likely. So, I just tried to enjoy every moment I had with him, and it lasted all the way up till the very last week of school. He suddenly stopped talking to me, stopped running with me, just stopped hanging out. Then as, every summer romance, the last day of class, in the last minute, he had taken a baseball from a game of ball we had played, and written on it with pen that he loved me and couldn’t be with me because he would just hurt me. And dropped it into my purse. I left and I as soon as I got home, read the inevitable and cried myself to sleep that night. He had broken my heart.

I never knew that someone that I had seen maybe for 4 hours a day for the better part of a month could mean so much to me. I felt helpless, loveless, like nothing mattered. And throughout the years I let him go, and he no longer was someone for me, but it was only until I found out he was a gay in disguise that I realized all the faulty errors in our so called relationship, and was glad he had hurt me like that because I was truly over him.

But I guess the moral of the story is that there are always people/obsticles and things in your way, because a well known someone once said “life…its just one thing after the other” and it’s true. After Efren was Louis, after Louis, Chris, after that Jared, after that…etc. I mean, I had a whole lot of bfs, and yet no one had shown me that really great feeling I had experienced once before, and I believe it takes a special person to do so. I think that I can safely say that after several years of looking for this person, I have come really close to one who out rules, outnumbers, out perfects, out gifts, outlasts and is outstanding in comparison to the others, and it’s important to know that no matter what, you could NEVER not find your true match, because after all, life IS one thing after another.

This v-day I hope everyone finds their special Thing.


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