dear diary

2 Jan

“All that i know is….i am completely in love with him”- me

So I’ve been meaning to type out something, just haven’t really done so. Not because I haven’t had time, I just haven’t really haven’t felt like it, and it’s not like any one cares what I say or write.

So I went to go see Clarissa today and I meant to go see jenny too. Everyone is leaving for college already….so sad, I just…stay put and go back to class….boo. I am going to sooooo hate this semester. Grrr……

Oh well, as for my love life, my hunny and I are super awesome, we haven’t even had a fight since like Monday? Idk..but we’re really good right now, he gave me a kindle and a really nice awesome Tiff. Ring. Which I loved. However I did got kind of jealous today, when he had to fix his florists [aka ex-gf’s] computer. I mean I do trust him, its not that I don’t, but I mean that’s how him and I got started I don’t know If I can trust that he’ll be faithful, I just don’t want to get boring, I don’t want to be one of THOSE couples……that after years of being together they are boring. I mean I am already reading his mind and doing this before he is and so I miss us being so innocent and scared and shy around each other in one way but I also love the way we have become so close.  

We have what most people would call a perfect relationship and I really like it, it’s so wonderful to have someone like this, It‘s just that I am such a jealous person in a way, I mean in other ways I’m not but maybe because it’s his ex, and maybe because it’s only been the better of two months, but idk.

All I know is that he makes me smile, and makes me laugh and when I fall he catches me and when I stomp away he runs after me and I am completely, madly even, in love with him.


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