Karma to die for

28 Dec



&   Rowdy thoughts.

      Mainly ends in



Wouldn’t it be nice if words could be tasted
And fears somehow wasted?

Wouldn’t it be nice if feelings arise,
A name for a name, but no eye for an eye?

If somehow the clouds knew just what we’re feeling
The light from above giving us clearing….

Wouldn’t it be nice
To write in the sky
To write it all down
The feelings inside?

Maybe, if words could be tasted
The feelings might not be wasted
The wars just might stop
Knowing that hurting is wrong.

The fights would just end
Some moving away
Some coming back
More lives won rather than lost.

It might be nice
If around Christmas time
The sadness would sway
And rhymes would just rhyme

And maybe if we could turn back the time
The tears might not drop
The sadness would never have come
And the hopeless might have gained more
Then That feeling of hope.

Would it be just sublime
If a name were written up there in the sky
With wide lenses, for the world to develop
And interpret at will, a night time skill

It takes ages to learn
Philosopher’s words
It takes years to kill
But more to master such skill

And yet the world knows
It inflicts pain and hurt
Sorrow that most
People out grow

So I say “let’s be nice”
Break that ice
And open thy hand
To our master plan.

Be nice for a day
Many have said
Can be in your favor
The day you might dread.

If your nice
And think twice
It might not go down
When you slip on the ground.


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