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21 Nov

seriously…i was reading some blogs the other day and i just cant believe how concetted people get when they start getting like thousands of hits a day….i mean ok…calm down.  you are big…on the internet…..whohoo.

i dont know….it just feels like some of them are so anti social that the blog gives life as to why….

like i commented on one guys blog about his grammer [which was excelent!] and i also gave him an opinion on something, notthing too out there or anything, just another view on the subject and whenever i do this i dont ever intend it as a harsh thing but i guess he took it the wrong way and gave me some sassy remark back…..its like ok…dude..no need to get all defensive, guess he cant take constructive critisism. after all this is the internet….why would i REALLY care?

anyways, me and my non bf are going to go to that dinner show, supposed to be our “second date” lol we always said we’d go to this and that and its just kinda funny that we are making tha tour supposed second date, well we just werent supposed to date, ever. sooo yeah this was the second time we were planning to see each other again as a “date”…anyways the event is semi-formal and so we went to the mall today and had a blast, went to A.E and he got this really cute dress shirt, i like how it looks on him, makes him look so dressy. And well tomorow we are goign to have so much fun and i dont know what i am going to wear yet but well…i guess we’ll see tom.

so he’s made me some really cute pics, and we are always so cute together, omg….i miss him right now. well i mean hes so sweet. he really is.

so i’m making like a little book for us, telling him day-by-day stuff that we do, kinda like a diary but i am only writting to him “liek today we did..” and so on and so forth, i am also going to include some stuff in there, like from places we’ve been, things i’ve written him, etc. and one day, i will give it to him lol.

yep yep. wel its kinda late and i want to get some sleep and to be honest this has been in my drafts folder for like ever. so…nite nite.


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