interpret what you will, the poem means whatever you want it to mean.

14 Nov

Sad sad and looking around
Cant focus somehow.
Waiting and waiting
Wait for it to end
But oh there….it comes again and again.
How can it be so lame
So insecure
So questioning
As if it were a game?
It isn’t
Or cant you see?
The joy that it brings
You might be blind
But you have eyes
And sadly
They happen to be open
Most of the time.
I cannot believe…
The way you behave.
The sadness you bring
The fake tears you say that you shed.
Barbaric somehow
The thought of how now
The nation has come to an end
To think in itself
Has become a test of the will.
The system
Many have said
Is corrupt in more than one way
The game they play with our heads
Is more of a lesson they say
Those excuses they give
Come on, not all of us have forgot how to think.
How to form a thought
Is easy enough
It’s the will that it takes to bring it up during talk
That most people lack.
So now let me say
The unbiased truth
That thing people have
Its between morals and proof.
Its that little voice inside your head
Telling you things that are right
Or What to do instead.
You haven’t forgotten that?
Wait we happen to be in quite a lot…
Maybe you have.


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