Sections Erate Xilosophers [wrote this a while back, one of my first poems]

31 Oct

If I could categorize everything in the world into sections you would be placed under “evil”

Next to addiction and not far from obsession.

You gnaw at me with desire: through anger and lust

Afterwards, left in the dust.

You gnaw at me with your teeth in my head: when I’m hungry…depressed.

Somehow you always end up in my bed

In and out, your repetitive pattern….that now has become part of my body like no other.

My thoughts, feelings, emotions become you

Even sleep makes no sense, you hardly let me rest.

From that sly smile, those conniving eyes, your luscious tongue and I find myself asking you to please stay a while.

In and Out, just like the breaths that we take…..after each session the feelings sway.

Yet you can almost make a promise lame by guaranteeing that tomorrow will be just the same.


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