Her heart was her soul….

26 Oct

“There was no place to go

Her heart was her soul

And many once said

Follow it whole”




Confession Time….


Say..hypothetically that I was seeing this guy. The type of guy I would never have thought I’d be dating…ever in a million years. Let’s say my friends and family are very shocked…and let’s say…for argument’s sake this guy and I really like each other…let’s say it’s been two weeks that have felt amazing and like its been a day because we feel it’s been such a short while. And also, lets say that this certain person and I are just friends…we made an arrangement to simply be friends, give each other some time and get to know each other. Say it was going very well and say the guy made a wonderful impression and was as passionate as he was intriguing….say we could talk well into the night, missed each other all the time, provably even when we were together or next to each other because we would just think about how the time goes by entirely way too fast, say he was the type to have roses of a kind that you had never seen or heard of arranged for you in a vase of a particular shape that happened to be odd and brought it to you as a surprise….just because he thought you were so particular yourself…these little details he takes care of. Then say you met his brothers and sister one night and cannot picture ever not hanging out all together at some point….say that when you and this particular person talk in a sense of time….it is always about how “We have tomorrow….and next month and next year” never oh…we have tomorrow….and leave it at that….no there is a certain certainty that comes when this guy regards this girl…and lets say that at night time its difficult to sleep because they think of each other, and cloud each others mind and hate the thought of one leaving each other…..


Say all this was real and was happening…what would it be called? Given a name..in any language….what would it be? Could you say it was a definite relationship? Could you say they were headed down the long haul? Could there be rings in the future for these two crazy kids? Well the family approves on both sides, and the couples find themselves entirely enticing….almost inseparable…could this work out?


Or does one have to have a fight?

DOES there have to be a fight?


She often hypothetically wonders…whether fights are good or not in a relationship….she does know however that fights are almost necessary because after one the couple may form a bond…it’s difficult for couples how have never had a fight because they are usually keeping things inside and when they do have fights, the fight is the last thing the couple does..plus you need to know if he is willing to go through a fight…there are steps you know? After the fight usually comes The silent treatment, then followed by is the I’m walking put the door if you don’t follow me I’ll kick you action, then he follows you and you send him back because all you needed to know was that he’d follow you….but afterwards you’ll start to cry, hopefully he starts to think and when you get home hopefully there’s a message on the answering machine for you from him telling you he’s sorry. At which point you will delete it and go on to bed but you wont be able to sleep because you’ll know there’s this something hanging over your heads, he’ll then come over at 3 am because you love that number and he’ll knock on your door or throw pebbles at your window until you come down and you’ll say you’re sorry too, and realize he’s a great guy given the fight wasn’t about him cheating….and so in that case you’ll both want each other extremely bad and go up to the room and do your thing.


But the exact opposite can happen where one does realize the guy is an idiot and leaves. So fights can be good or bad….hopefully this particular couple has a few fights that work for the better of their relationship and they end up strengthening their bond….hopefully they spend lots of time together, go out and explore like she has wanted for so long [she never had the right guy to do I with] take lots of pics, and do lots of random things, enjoy with family and most importantly bask in each other’s company as long as they can…..and maybe, this is it.


She kind of fears this is going to be the one. She has such a strong feeling that the way things are going, both parties making such a big effort and commitment, and plans with her family and his that…things wont end a year from now, and even a year from now it seems as if she and him will be there any minute….it feels like time is speeding up. Feels like they have so many plans and want to do so much together…that they have booked a year already….and even though she doesnt know what to say, or how to feel she does know that he is worth a shot….feels wonderful she thinks….to know that she’ll have someone that can talk to her, be romantic and stubborn and inpatient. To know that this someone is ready to be by her side, till the end….to be her partner in crime.


Because they have tomorrow, and next month…and next year.♥




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