The difference between right and wrong is really only a few letters, and usually a blur.

19 Oct

excerpt..from my life: ” we talked late into the night and every time we were together i just wanted to hold onto you  and hug you and when we did my heart [would] skip a beat. i mean..dammit dai. you made me stop thinking logically and just listen directly to my heart, i could care less about anything else you made me laugh harder then i had for the past X [amount of ] years and everyday i yearn for practically made a grown man feel like a little kid again.”- Vinvin to Dai on a late saturday night.


I’m here all confused

Wondering about the wearabouts of you

I don’t feel good

Not tonight

My words suck

And I cant write

And i cant find any time….

Actually there is way too much

What’s up with that?

Usually we always say

How time has once more flown away

And now I sit here

Writing to you

Some words I know to be true

But even this honesty isnt that good

It hurts others too


It’s hard to say

Air escapes my way

And I look up

And notice the sky

But wait

Where are the stars this night?

I am reminded of you

Gosh is this true?

What is this feeling for you?

Why I am suddenly without a clue?

I guess it’s not supposed to make sense

At least that’s what everyone says

I’m going crazy cant you see

Even breathing is hard for me

I know you feel this way too

Which is what makes me think of you

Which is what is also hard

I cant just give up my past

I need to know that this is real

Need to feel just what you feel

Need to see what this can bring

Might even need a promise ring

I told my friends about us today

Just like you did yesterday

That is how lost I really was

Enough to comment on Us.

Before we get into this crazy ordeal

We made a deal

And I gotta say

Even if you don’t decide to stay

During these lonely 7 days

I’m missing you

Looking for you

Replaying our memories

And dates

Over and over again

Inside my head

I read our conversations and laugh

At the silly things that we said

At the embarrassing parking lot struggle

The ticket that got away

And we swore It would never sway

Yet we got that

What can I say

Together we r the best.

But now I sit here thinking of what we could be

The nights we would have

Every moment

Sure to be better than the last

And I so want that with you

I know we could too.

I’s hard to think without you

I really miss you now

Wish I could tell you how

I cant tell you how much I keep thinking

Of you

Of how I miss you

Love your hugs-always amazing and true

Especially adoring

 how we can just be together

Watching tv

Doing nothing

I cant tell you how much I wanted to kiss you

Or how crazy your hand in mine makes me

Because it’s wrong

This whole thing is wrong

Wrong to think

Wrong to feel

And yet

I ask

What the heck is tomorrow going to yield?

And why



Does this–me and you

Feel so right?


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