True Loves First Kiss…

12 Oct

A girl and a boy
Lovely this plot
In the beginning were
Swinging in thought.
He and Her were never alike
Always fighting, and shouting
Yet it was evident and true
That they were the bestest friends that
they knew
some even thought
they were a little more than that
and then the feelings had left
as their first fight of the day
was about to take place
Compromised they were
Him to Australia and
the bad boy to her
but together they always remained
the nights specially held
that feeling so well
laughter was shared
Flirting went on
but both knew the game
and nothing was done.
Although she would think

Of what might’ve been
That’s wrong
She would say
To wrong to write down
But when just that same day
She had found
That inside her
A part wanted him
She did not know why
And she did not profess
Oh the feeling so rare
The thoughts were despair
She wanted to stop
But where to..could she run?
There was no place to go
Her heart was her soul
And many once said
Follow it whole
So she walked to his place
Knocked on the door
Let down her hair
And prepared
To tell him the truth
When He came out and she knew…
“I’ve been missing you”
She practically yelled
And he had to stand back
But another instant passed
She was in his arms.
It is what it is
And when their gazes met
Her lips were on his
It was raining that day
Pouring instead
The sunshine’s not out
And it’s not making my day
But as soon as she felt
The warmth he emits
She knew this was finally
True loves first kiss.


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