Leaning On the Very Earth…L.O.V.E

8 Oct

This is a story of fruit

A story of sweetness

A story of truth.

And just for the record

I wanted to say

That life isn’t simple

And there are things that will happen

and some will go through

but that lovely night,

I didn’t expect you.

It started out like any day

With one thought going round and round in my head

I was anxious, but sound

Thinking about how lonely I was found

 Then a thought came to mind

And it was all you

You were all that I saw

And all that I knew

So I look at the dartboard

I throw my own dice

I’m making the move

And closing my eyes

I hope for the best

And let the dice fall

I’m making this move

I’m giving my all.

I hoped it was good

I had my heart at my throat

And even when I faltered

You never let go.

That was when I knew

You were true

As True to your heart

As I was to you.

I knew this the instant

You knew me so well

That you never resisted

The wish I threw down into the Well

Kiss me in the rain

I said

By the train

Is ok

Round the corner

Don’t get caught

We’re insane…

Was just a thought

That came to my mind

On that wonderful lovely night


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