You Can Call IT Love.

6 Oct

There they sat

In that lovely spot

Different in mind-

In eyes and corrupt

But oh so sweet

Did it seem to me

That just when it turned dark

The nightmares had stopped

He looked up:

From that spot

Took my hand

And then stopped.

Took a look inside

My eyes thus my soul

My lips

Oh amor.

I never ever thought

Of such a lovely spot

In which you would be

There sitting with me

Looking out

And talking ‘bout nothing

And I can’t help but think

Deep deep inside

That when we both were young

Listening and looking through the cracks

Of those adult conversations

This was what was always brought up.

I can’t help but think

It’s true

Not so mean

That’s how they described

What happened tonight

Our hands interwoven

Reminds me of how

I always looked for the signs

In, up and about

Where ever I was                                

Always exploring

The forest so large

Of something yet to be found.

And I stand here tonight

My hand woven through yours pretty tight

Looking up at the scene

Of what we must be.


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