5 Oct

The clock seems to stop

Slowly the ticks lag behind tocks

Slowly they pull each other apart.

I then notice this

as I am taking my route

to see you now.

The clock follows me

And as soon as I knock on that door,

Loose all my hair

And jump up those stairs

Into your arms

Always waiting there.

You kiss me some time

On my forehead

My lips

Telling me

Those sweet sweet little things

And then suddenly I hear that innocent sound

Of the time coming round

I hear that clock ticking

Still pretty slow

But not as slow as a moment ago

It’s getting faster I fear

Day’s drawing near

And sadly I look up into the blue of your eyes

And I think about how I like

When days turn into night

And night into day

By the pier how we sway

And you look at me

Holding me tight through the breeze

And we make a face

And sigh into space

This is it

Love how it feels

And suddenly


Can’t wait to see

What tomorrow yields…

Oh but sad sad day

When the night has turned into day

And that clock starts ticking

The tick after tock

The same pattern I know

And I am forced to leave

That lingering kiss


For the stupid time

I gotta hurry

Oh my

I’m gonna be late

I backup the car

Slide into drive

And suddenly

It’s 11:11 o’clock

I smile up at you

You already know

We make that wish

That one day soon

I don’t have to leave.


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