Campfire Days

9 Aug


david and daina


So the family and i went camping today, not really thetraditional camping with a campfire and all that stuff, i mean we left at like 5:30 pm , but it was super fun. There was a lake, we rode the boat, and thad the best time trying to put together th ecamping house lol. We had sandwiches and chips galore. It was a great camoing trip.

in other news, the rents are leaving AGAIN on another second honeymoon to cancun and are leaving us behind :(. It’s ok because i start scool the 24th anyways and so we can’t really do much. At least i can’t. I think david has to stay w/ his grandma.

on boyfriend news, me and jesus are officially not talking anymore. I don’t know how long it will go on this time, but so far we haven’t said a word to each other since monday night[ past] and i think that’s awesome 🙂 jen is very proud. As for my dating life….well you’d be surprised! i have a date next saturday or sunday….[i pick teh day based on my availability] and yeah. It’ll be awesome. I’m going to go out with Christian, my “co-worker” and yeah. But Jesse and Daniel have been on my back constintly….and it’s so weird…..i mena i didn’t really want to dat eanyone and then sudden;y 3 people show up. However, Christian is already calling me babe and we’re talked a lot a lot for three days now. Sure we’ve known each other for like 3 years, but still i don’t know much about him, except that he was married [and he’s only 23!] at a very young age [18] and he lives now w/ his roomates because him and his wife had that agreement, and also he’s a great guy with the most amazing eyes :)[yeah that’s all i look at lol] and he likes cooking and i promised we’d make something together. lol maybe banana bread lol. idk yet, but the funny thing is that we haven’t gone out on a date yet and we already have 3 others lined up lol. it’s gonna be sooooooooo weird when i see him on monday though. Anyways, um i think he’s awesome and i believe i should at least give him a chance. I have to get away from memories of jesus and if i have finally found someone at least worth one date, then it’s a maybe.

ps- i just came back from liek spending one week at jen’s house. it was uneventfull but we had lots of fun. at least we got to spend soem time together b-4 we parted 4 school.


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