Earth Day is Comming! Lights off for an hour! [and other stories of my life]

24 Mar
Lights off for an hour!
Lights off for an hour!
[go to read about earth day here]
Hi there.
K, so I haven’t written since that last post, its been what? A month? Yeah, ok practically two. And ok, I admit it was because I’ve been lazy but not too much has happened.

Lemme see. The bf is back to being the BF and so I’m not confused, I’m just unsure-of the future. It’s fuzzy. I WANT to see us together, but like I said it’s fuzzy. And I stand by what I said in my last post about me and him going our separate ways and then re-connecting. Yeah. It’s going to happen. I know it is, just because it’s GOTTA happen. All great relationships suffer in one way or another. From what I’ve seen great relationships in the making have a period of ROUGH times, it’s “Fate’s” way of breaking them or making them. My parents went through it [my mom and dad had to work a REALLY long distance thing from Cuba to California for a whole year. That’s 12 months. That’s 365 days of not seeing the other person. That’s an eternity of questions and doubts and tears because the pressure and they are now together forever. So in a way, it was to strengthen them.] Mayran and Mauricio went through it, not that I particularly like them, but they were apart back in their day too. Carlos and Aileen too , and I use all these relationships and label them as “great” because although the people themselves aren’t so super awesome [not talking about my rents] they have held their own for a long enough time to be considered stable in a relationship. Me, I am not stable. It’s been 6 months w/ Jesus but w/ all my other BFs it was 4 months or less. Therefore I have experience, but not stability. So just by what I have seen and experienced it’s obvious that me and Jesus are not going to be together forever as of RIGHT NOW, but If we wait and see what the world throws at us, that “happily ever after” is within reach if we allow each other to grow. And we will if we’re meant to be. I need more experience and he needs more “alone time” he needs to get it out of his system that whole routine of “me me me, I can hold the weight of the world by myself” idealism. Until we can meet at a certain level, we won’t meet.

I was reading this book yesterday, it was written in the 80s in form of a play and the stage directions are simple; this play is not meant to be memorized, there is no need fancy scenery, it is meant to be read aloud with the actors facing opposite ends of each other until the end when they finally see each other. How many times does a play get written like that? Anyways, it is a play called “love notes” and it’s all about a man and a women who have written each other letters since they were in second grade and have seen each other grow up and they grow to become different people and the audience sees this through the letters they’ve written each other. They never SPEAK to each other until the end [I’m gonna spoil it] when the girl dies and the guy writes to her mother and says that he regrets not marrying her and how he has realized he has always loved her and etc. and the girl is a ghost by this point and she is around him the whole time he is writing this last letter. It works on both levels- as a romantic “seize the moment” tale and as a story about how much letters are important…they really are. I’m writing here on my “blog” but you better believe I have double the info in my journal at home. We depend too much entirely on the internet these days, you ever wonder what would happen to all our memories if this site would just fail? If the whole internet just failed? There is NOTHING that can replace a hard copy. But the point the short play makes is that writing letters is a long lost art, we need to write more letters people!

On to other news, Me and Clarissa are planning a getaway weekend with the BFs. We want to go to Catallina Island. I think it’ll be really exciting. We Wanna go during the summer. From Thursday Night to Sunday morning. OMG I get excited just thinking about it. We’re gonna totally Rock out those days, sleeping with the men we luv and loving that beach breeze. It’ll be super fun. Maybe MJP can join in too. With her beau too ofcourse. That’ll be a HUGE party lol.

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